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Pip Pip and all that...

Adventures through Time and Space with a Steam-Driven Pirate Captain...

Kayt Sel Liantuy
26 June 1986
Adventures Through Time and Space With a Steam-Driven Pirate Captain

Many people have a friending policy for their journal. This seems incredibly optimistic to me, and appears to be based on the assumption that LJ voyeurs, when trawling through, will find your particular brand of whining so interesting that they will wish to friend you. This is a bizzare cultural phenomenon on which I would write a thesis, if I could be arsed. However, because One must keep up with the times, my friending policy is that you are welcome to friend me and find that I completely fail to notice for several months, until I happen to be adding someone else to MY flist, at which point I will automatically friend you back without any conception of who you are. It's a policy that works for me, and it's easy to understand.

At any rate, I like to masquerade as a 21-Year-Old Youth Worker from Canberra, Australia. I enjoy holding up the illusion that I am employed to beat reliability into young actors with a heavy stick. In reality, I reside in the large mammal enclosure at Bill Gates' private zoo, where I spend my time writing angry letters to the paper and bobbing for apples.


Pineapples and Propriety
Please visit my alter-ego from 1807, and read of her trials and tribulations in Somerset.

Life or Freedom
Drop in on the terribly addictive Life or Freedom Project, and meet a variety of Alternative Australian journalists, housemaids, medics, opportunists and freedom fighters.

The Great Reading List
Please please add a book or two to my Reading List. No recommendation is unwelcome.

The Cast
In case of confusion, break here. This post explains the people I'm talking about in this journal.

Obernewtyn.net is the best fan community in the world. Where the antelopes, squirrels, gloworms and dual-flush toilets roam free!

Buneater's LJ
The LJ of my esteemed colleague and tekkie, the Buneater.

And never forget, my friends, that: