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Doctors, Doctors, Doctors

Tis rather frustrating going to a doctor, because I am invariably sent to another doctor. I left the psychiatrist's office today with two doctors to see tomorrow and a blood-test form.

I was sent straight down to pathology for the blood tests. I'm amazed I have any blood left, they take mine so often and in what seems like large quantities. I had to give up three vials today, but on the upside, the needle was barely painful, so I was quite happy. I think I must get tested every six weeks or so, and I always come up perfectly normal. Then they test me again as soon as I show any kind of symptom whatsoever.

My weight loss is evidently unacceptable, so in the morning I have to see a dietitian to find out what I can do about my complete lack of appetite. All I want to eat is yoghurt and the food feels so heavy and daunting. Thinking about eating makes me ill. Eating disorders were quickly ruled out, so we just have to hope the blood test doesn't turn up anything nasty. Meanwhile, I guess I'm supposed to be good and eat what the dietitian tells me to eat.

In the afternoon, I have an appointment with one of my oncologists. He's my favourite of my doctors, but I always have to wait so long. There's a lump on my upper arm, which I am 99% convinced is a knot in the muscle (it sure as hell hurts like one if you poke it). But it has a melanomaish look about it, and better safe than sorry, especially since I've got no appetite. Bit irritating to have to go out there, though, and wait in that room, only to be told "Yep. That's muscle."

But better than going in and being told it's NOT.

See... I'm doing very well at this cheerful business.



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Oct. 24th, 2007 01:37 pm (UTC)
Ugh, bloodtests are sucky, but it's always better when whoever does the needle-poking is good.
Goodluck with all the doctorising tomorrow!
Oct. 24th, 2007 07:58 pm (UTC)
Oh, the fun of blood tests (I always get to hear about how no one can locate my veins... it's like they aren't there!).

Good luck tomorrow! (On the basis that good luck, much like extra cash, always comes in handy.)
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