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A schedule.

Today was a bad day. My legs hurt like hell, my brain was nowhere to be seen. I have decided that this is okay. I'm allowed to have the occasional day of bedridden moaning, especially since I didn't get to sleep until I could hear birds outside my window.

But, if I'm allowed the odd day, that means the days in between have to be worthwhile. I'm just going to have to start forcing myself out of bed, even when I feel totally awful. And it starts tomorrow, for here is my to-do-list.

1. Clean up the cat litter.
2. Find a means of sending a parcel to this week's recipient. Since I have no money, I shall have to be creative.
3. Re-send the returned parcel now that I have the correct address (could I get away with calling that this week's parcel- since I have nearly zero funds? I think that would be cheating.)
4. Go to thingwithtrees house and give her her shoes. Cos, yeah. Dude! Your shoes are in my car.
5. Visit my old work and speak to former bosses about a few things.
6. Call places I have sent applications to and find out if they got through.
7. Try and find some, any means of earning a little money until I can get a job.
8. Do my two half hours of reading.

Let's see how much I get done.

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