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*The Kayt peers around the edge of her LJ, looking sheepish*

All: Aha!!! Where have you been, young Lady! Shame! Shame!!!

Okay, so first I moved house, right. And I didn't have Internet. And I had exams, so I was only rarely at uni, and when I was tehre, I didn't have the time to write a full LJ entry about my every move. But then my net came back.

And then I got debilitating flu.

Here I am!!!

So, here's what I've been doing:

The big house move is still underway. We've been moving things, bits at a time, for nearly a month now. It's slow going, really. We haven't even started the process of selling The House Formerly Known As Home yet. Or buying a new one. On the rare occasions I do go back to the old house, it's very depressing. It's all bare, and cold in more ways then one.
I slept one night at the old house (when I was going slowly insane, see the last two entries) just before we moved, and I'd packed some stuff up, and taken down my extesive poster collection.

For those not in the know, my bedroom was like a shrine to Lord of the Rings. Posters and pictures everywhere. Sad really. Anyway, I took that evening as an opportunity to take down my posters and pack some things. It was creepy sleeping there. I used to have this Sesame Street picture book. Grover had to move house (I think he was moving to Sesame Street) and I'd forgotten all about that book until I slept in my bare empty room. It was just like the page (I can see the drawing vividly in my head), when Grover spent the last night in his old house and he was scared because everything was so eerie and different. All his things were packed away and he was sad.

I've spent a lot of time trying to remember what happened and if Grover liked his new house. I imagine he did, but I'd feel better knwoing for sure. If Grover can handle a move, so can I. I'm still scared about where I'm moving too.

My birthday was great. Low key, which was just what I wanted. I dressed as a pirate and watched pirate movies with a few friends. It was spiffy. flippyfrog gave me a survival kit for my internetless horror. It was inside a cow!!! There was another cow! Pencils! Diary! Was fab! And I got cows slippers! My brother bought me travel guides for New Zealand.

And luggage!!! Luggage is good. Perhaps a photo when I find the camera.

I've had several driving lessons, too. Getting better. I'll be booking some more tommorrow, now that I can stand up straight again and get through a day without Panadol.

My net came back on Monday. Broadband 2. It's not as fast as I was promised. Still, it was just in time for me to get my results back. Not too shabby, I must say. Better than I expected, considering I spent most of the semester slacking off. My credit average is more than safe, in case I ever want to do Honours.

All: Ooh, honours!

Kayt: *cackles with laughter*

Yeah! And then I'll go set fire to myself!

Anyway, Tuesday I went to see the group who are rehearsing "The Scent of Lilac, Darling". I wrote that play, and we never performed it, so I was pretty keen to see what these guys were doing. I loved them! I only so a few scenes and read in as Negativity because they were missing a cast member. They're performing in a theatre and everything (none of my plays have ever been done for a paid audience before). And they were funny. They did it well. I was very happy with what I saw and very excited to see the finished product at the end of the month.

Then flippyfrog and I were going to go to an Impulse Movie, but would you believe I came over unbelievably hot and sweaty and nearly fainted? Then we went back to Uni and I felt a little better, while we waited for my dad to come pick me up. I had to wait an hour though, but at least I didn't feel half-dead anymore.

So I've had the flu for the past five days. Headachey, stomacheachey, super sleepy, dizzy, light sensitive! It was dreadful! We had a Team New Zealand meeting on Thursday (that made me super sleepy), but other than that I've been stuck in bed. I got up occasionally to eat and feed my net addiction (Five minute bursts, largely). The Fraternal Unit has been lending me DVDs, and I've watched 3 seasons of Buffy in 4 days. That's pretty much all I've been doing. Sleep, eat, Buffy, eat, Buffy, slepp, Buffy. Am over halfway through Season 4, so am quite determined to see how quickly I can watch 7 whole Seasons. 4 in a week is pretty good.

Now: Writing Stuff.

I have FINISHED, repeat FINISHED a story. Although you probably already know that, because I've been bragging.
The story is called "The Stowemarket Conspiracy" and it's that Fantasy Farce I may have mentioned. It was a lot of fun. I got to spend 25 pages making the plot as complex as possible. It was like tightening a spring. Then I let it go and it only took 2 pages to completely unravel again. Was tremendous fun!

I'm now trying to figure out a sequel. The plot has to be as complicated as possible, of course. I remember how long it took me to figure out the plot of this first one! Maybe when a few people have read it, I'll get some other opinions and see what they can help confuse. Or maybe not...

LorF I kinda have some Block. I've been doing okay, I guess, but I haven't written any more of the story. I've jus been writing other people's opinions of Kate. I've got Andy's testimony to the War Crimes Tribunal (NO ONE accuses Kate of corruption on Andy's watch!), an extract from Egis' diary, Kate's criminal record and a propoganda pamphlet printed by Andy (along the lines of "Kate Wood is the greatest person who ever lived and the War Crimes Tribunal slaughter kittens"). I also have a diary from an ordinary ALAer. She is largely concerned with Kate's incredible stench! It never occured to me before, but Kate is a stinky little muffinpop. Yucky!!! She's a blood-stained, grease-streaked, matted-haired, black-clad, mud-covered, icky-poo little terrorist!

Other then that, you are reaidng the journal of one lazy little slacker!

Pip pip, hey what?

EDIT: Forgot to show off my pressies!!!
First is my icon, a lovely gift from katiefoolery!!! It is in honour of the fact that I like pirates (and presumably my long absence!)

Second, is my gorgeous gift from minnn! It's lovely (and yellow! People think of me and think "yellow!") Here it be:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


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Jul. 10th, 2005 09:09 am (UTC)
It's so good to see you back again, good Kayt. Indeed, you were sorely missed (and yes, that was the inspiration behind the text on the icon - I can change it now, if you like, to something more apposite). I love Min's gift to you! It's plendiferous! And you finally have that orange moustache... :D

I have received your story and hope to have a chance to read it this week. I can't wait!
Jul. 10th, 2005 10:04 am (UTC)
I WANNA KNOW WHICH ACTION FIGURE IS YANNA!!! :P {for a more detailed comment, wait until i stop staring at the moving thingy trying to get a better view of the lorf figures.... :P
Jul. 10th, 2005 10:14 am (UTC)
I have decided, i am the half hidden one next to the one-eyed priest *has a cackle over that...*

Anyway, what have i told you about Team New Zealand???? HUH!!!! HOnestly, things i have to put up with... *bangs head on table*

That so has to be Andy on the end.... burgler's mask on... yup, that has to be Andy :P

Tis good to have you back, but stress less about the Lorf word-blockyness, we need to stop the word blockyness in the others... fankly, i've written 50 thousand LORF words, i need a break for a while....

The middle chick with the gun is Kate....and that would have to be Min on her left....
Jul. 10th, 2005 10:55 am (UTC)
Ooh, that's fabbity about your play! And finishing your story too! :-) And congrats on the exammy stuff! Your prezzies are most coolio. I like the action figures!
Jul. 10th, 2005 01:31 pm (UTC)
oooh, so THAT'S where you've been!! Good to see you back Kayt :) and happy (very belated) birthday!
huzzah for your play being performed! that's great!
Jul. 11th, 2005 01:31 am (UTC)
LorF makes me think of 'laugh'...
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