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Night thoughts

This evening has been very existential for me.

Why are people like they are? Am I like that? Is there a specific way that all people are? If not, then why do I see the same patterns repeating?

If people are the way they are, should I try and change them? Can people have good traits and bad traits? Or are they just people, complete blueprints that you can't remove any part of? If I want to change someone's superior attitude, doesn't that mean I'm being superior- assuming my way is better than there's?

What do other people think of me? When I REALLY think about it, what do I think of them? Can you like someone and yet not think very well of them?

What are they saying about you? When you're thinking about their annoying habit of putting too much sugar in their cooking (not that I can imagine being annoyed by this), what are they thinking about you? Do you talk too much? Do you come across clingy or irritating? Do they talk about you? Is opinion divided?

Are people thinking about how you look? Or what you say? Can everyone else remember that stupid little gaffe you made three years ago and can never erase from your memory?

Should you care?

And then I think about all the things I've been thinking about and I have a Ron Weasley moment.

"No one can possibly feel all that at once!"

Yes they can, Ron. Yes they can.

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