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A good day

Though I began my day cranky, it levelled off and then became a good day.

I am too broke to send a parcel this week, but instead I posted off a lovely long letter and I hope the recipient enjoys it. It should arrive on or about your birthday, recipient. I'd just like to point out that I am aware your birthday is on the way, knew it when I wrote it, knew it when I sent it and still know it. I just neglected to mention it in the actual text of my communique.


Then I went to see my psychiatrist. She is a marvellous doctor and I love going to see her, even if my demeanour when in her office appears otherwise. She's specialises in oncology patients. She said I can take ALL my medication at the same time and to hell with what it says on the box!!! This makes me happy, as confusion and missed tablets was going on.

After that, I had to race to a local high school. My old gang from work did the premiere performance of that show I had to write in the middle of my high-stress period- that one about gender issues. I sat in the front row of the audience and watched them. Poor Jenny, the new manager, had to fill in as narrator.


They were performing to what must have been about two-hundred kids and it went over really well! There was applauding and whooping and not only from me (though I applauded very loudly and apparently put Deb off by looking so enthused). I was so excited to see them do it and so proud. That was the only reason NOT to quit my job. My actors rock.

They're still mine. :P on anyone who says different.

The lovely youth worker at the school (I love her- she doesn't take shit. Total Power Woman) gifted me with flowers and choccy, which was so unexpected and lovely!!! All the actors got a choccy each, too. Then I offered to drive Sophie, Deb and Regan home, since they lived in the right direction. I had a bit of a bitch and got my cranky morning out too, which was fab!

I dropped Sophie (thingwithtrees) home last, as she's the closest. Then I went home to sleep for about an hour, before I had to go pick her up again for Tae Kwon Do. It's hard work: the stretching and the kicking and the punching and the being in any way co-ordinated, but I managed it.

Then home and dinner.

Now Horrible Dot is under my bed and won't get out. She's sulking because citizen_cam smacked her. I'm totally on his side, because she scratched him first and he was trying to deter her. I tried to get her out from under the bed and she scratched me. Dotty really is quite quite psycho.


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