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Poor Algy

Algy's backlight has gone dim. I can still see, but conditions aren't exactly ideal. The screen still goes off at random every now and then. I should really send him away to be repaired. But he's so wonderful, and I don't especially want to be without my beloved puta! :(

He's still extremely under warranty, so I shouldn't have to put up with his dimming issues. Poor sick little guy. Although, I must say, I'm starting to get used to this...

Here's a trick. If your backlight is low, turn down the brightness for a while. Then, when you put it back up to full, it will seem much brighter than it really is.

All: Or you could get your laptop fixed.

Kayt: SILENCE!!!

Anyway... I'll see about taking him tomorrow. There's obviously an issue with the backlight, maybe a circuit or loose connection, so he'll have to have major surgery and be opened up.

Algy: Argh!!!

Then again, maybe this is an opportunity to have his CD drive looked at. He has NEVER been able to handle CDs. They make him freeze up in terror.

Well... we'll see. Better back everything up, I guess.

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