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This is Kate's Lj speaking....

Greetings, members of the Flist and randoms who may be passing through!
This is The Kayt's LJ speaking.
The Kayt is unable to fulfill her Post-A-Day goal at the moment, but has been clever enough to lay in a back up system in case of emergencies!
Now, for your entertainment, I give you.... um... a list of things I know about The Kayt.

The Kayt likes the word Shrub.
The Kayt likes cows.
The Kayt does not like it when people forget to pay bills and she can't access her internet.
The Kayt goes a little crazy without her daily netfix.
The Kayt does not like spiders.
The Kayt enjoys shapes, crunchies and sour worms.
The Kayt can not tie a jelly snake in a knot with her tongue.
The Kayt is very good at describing people's appearance (at least from the back) with nothing but her hands. (Ask her to some time, its funny)
The Kayt is one of the few people capable of performing nasal opera.
The Kayt, without knowing it, sometimes does an almost perfect impression of Daggart from Nickelodeon’s "The Angry Beavers"

There we go. 10 things I know about Kayt. I hope some of this is news to you. :)


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Aug. 29th, 2007 05:43 pm (UTC)
If the The Kayt has a hi-tech mobile phone device she could update using it instead.

Aug. 30th, 2007 09:51 am (UTC)
Got the random package :D Having just got home and opened it up, I needed to mention the complete adorableness of the tiny hourglass in the Therapist in a Box. *Is in love with tiny blue timekeeping device.*
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