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Just Questing along

At this rate, I think I'm going to get my 50 pages done in time, or at the very least I will get damn close. I'm currently writing page 38, and I'm just zooming along. Just now I was writing some dialogue in the shower, so now to get it written down...

Continuing the dull minutiae of my day to day life, tomorrow I have three medical appointments. I'm going to the podiatrist at 11 (THANK FREAKIN' GOD!). I'm having my brain-electrode-type-test-thing at 2, and then speaking to the neurologist about the results at 3. So... something of a busy day, but no matter what, at the end of it I will most likely have healthy toenails, so huzzah! I would totally marry a podiatrist. My absolute favourite kind of doctor, because I have chronic ingrown toenails, and podiatrists do magic things and then the pain is gone.

Well, not much else to say, really. I feel I've satisfied the requirements for the daily entry.

Peace be with you and so forth.


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Aug. 13th, 2007 01:53 am (UTC)
I was thinking of you not long ago. :)
I was merrily tidying shelves when a title caught my eye in our teen shelf. It was called Questors. I did a double take before my brain actually turned on and reminded me that you were still writing, you'd be sure to tell everyone if you were published, that's the name of the whole thing, not one of the individual books (I think) and besides which I'm pretty sure you spell it Questers.
But for about five seconds I was confused. :D Mornings and I are not friends...
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