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Not much to say...

Nothing particular to say, but I want to be a good girl who updates regularly, and I'm not doing anything else so it seemed like the time to drop in and update.

I spent the morning doing my notes on Hektor's death for my Iliad tutorial. I like Hektor (only half-way decent character in the poem), but he really did bring his death upon himself with his "bravery is good and not fighting is naughty" attitude.
Reminds me a bit of LorFness and Kate. Silly Kate refuses to shy away from a fight, however sensible it might be to do so. And she will quite happily die horribly just to make a point. But she doesn't have a wife and child to protect, so perhaps in her case a little more excusable.

*tries to imagine Kate with wife and child*

Hmmm... perhaps something for the LorF fandom of the future, that I was tormenting Clare with. Sorry Clare, but if I have to suffer such images, YOU have to. Such is life!

I have a busy day today, despite only having the one tutorial:

At 11:00, I have a meeting with a Careers Adviser here at Uni, to talk about my future. I do hope she doesn't recommend a change of degree or major! I've got a list of graduate courses I can do by correspondance (well, when I say list, I do in fact mean 2), and some places in Canberra where I can maybe do some work experience. I refuse to leave Canberra if I can possibly avoid it!

I have my last Iliad Tute EVER at 12:00. Huzzah!!!

At 1:30, I FINALLY have my appointment with the Disability Services people. I MUST avoid doing exams by hand at all costs. Every time I say "No, I can do it by hand, I'll soldier on", I end up in total agony unable to hold a pen by the end of it. So no... never again. Why the hell isn't RSI an "ongoing condition" anyway? That's crap! I was diagnosed with RSI in, what, Year 8? That's 6, probably 7 years! Exactly how is that not ONGOING? Stupid uni. They want me to bring a medical certificate every semester. Hrrmph.

At 3:00, The Sophie, The Marc and I have a meeting. Just the three of us, we're the remnants of The Terribly Embarrasing Theatre Troop (and the Mighty Director of Doom, of course, but he won't be there).
Matt, who's in charge of Outreach Programs at work, wants the three of us to come up with a page of brainstormed ideas for our three person play. It's a relief not to have to write it by myself this time, as much as I like writing plays, I don't like having a deadline. I hate deadlines! They stifle my creativity so much. I need time for my ideas to mature (hence Questers being a mere 46 000 words after 7 years...).
Anyway, will probably just involve the three of us sitting about with food, talking inanely. Huzzah!!! The Marc wants to do a musical, but The Sophie does not. I however, am happy either way, so might be interesting, in that sense. I do like Marc's idea of a musical in which he and I burst randomly into song and Sophie just stands there refusing to have any part in the whole silly business. Hehe...

I read over some Quester's stuff last night. Hmmm... (and that's all I have to say about that).

Well, nothing else to report, so what ho!

What am I supposed to do for an hour before my appointment? Oh for a time-travelling device!


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Jun. 1st, 2005 12:26 am (UTC)
Ooo, I loved the Iliad. Yes, I'm a total nerd. woo!
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