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A bit rambling...

Well, I had a bath last night, and two simple objectives. By the end of my bath I wanted to have decided on the following:
1. A way to fade in and out of Kate's Ethane flashback for Life or Freedom.
2. Where to go next for Questers.

Oh, and obviously I had a third objective which was to be cleaner when I got out then I was when I got in! And I achieved this one so: Hurrah!!!

As for the other two, no luck at all. I simply can't figure out how to have an Ethane flashback at all. brownie_1 and brydz42 will be pleased to hear that I have written the scene where Kate kills Ethane (was it done when I wrote my last entry? I dunno...) but I just can't think of the lead in and out of it.
I've had several LorFerly chats lately, with bathmat (Clare), flippyfrog,(Yanna) and emerald85 (Emma) (Hands up those who've just discovered the "LJ User" tag!). Looks like Clare's story is heading down an unexpected direction, and it's cool the way we thought up to tie her story to Kate's! I do so love to tie stories together like this. It's tremendous fun to have all the links between stories with them all threading together as one BIG story. Kate's story now has direct ties to Yanna, Brownie, Clare, Selina and probably Emma. That's so cool! And Yanna's story ties in to Kate, Min, Clare and probably Emma! While Brownie's ties directly to Kate and Brydie. I love it!!! It's awesomeness personified!
However, this still doesn't solve the problem of how to lead in and out of Kate's Ethane flashback. I really think it's important to indicate how little Ethane's death means to Kate. It's obviously going to be a big, important event in Brownie's story. Ethane dies, and I imagine mixed emotions will abound. To Kate, however, Ethane is just another guy she killed. She kills people all the time, it's war, she's a soldier, that's what she does. I think it's important that distinction be maintained and I can't figure out why Kate's flashing back to it if it's not a monumental event for her.
Perhaps I should link it in to the upcoming trouble with Andy.

All LorFers: Trouble with Andy!!! Surely not!!!
Clare: Hehehe

Yes, trouble with Andy. The only thing I did manage to do in last night's bath was figure out WHAT Ymene knows, HOW he knows and HOW Kate will react when she finds out. What I haven't figured out is how Ymene imparts this information to Kate. Doesn't seem like she'd be likely to sit down and have a good ol' chat with him. I can see how that would go:

Ymene: Kate. I have to tell you something important.
Kate: Bite Me!
Ymene: No, I'm serious. This is something you want to hear.
Kate: Blow it out your...
Ymene: Alright then, your loss.
*Ymene leaves*
Kate: Yeah! You just keep walking away, bucko!

Yes... he'll have to be snide about it, methinks. Although when is Ymene ever NOT snide.

Anyway, I have rambled on about LorF QUITE enough, methinks.

To my difficulties with Questers. Namely: WHAT HAPPENS NOW!!!
I know how Part 1 of this book should end. I know where it's heading, I know where I'll be finished and able to say IT IS DONE. What I don't know is how to get there.
I looked at my list of events from Questers (I have a list of all the things that need to happen, and their chronological order), and discovered, most unhelpfully that the last event listed "Taqan's Second Appearance" is followed by the final passage of Part 1. So there wasn't any help there at all.
I guess it's a matter of sitting down and thinking about the story. There's several things that have to happen, bits of knowledge that need to be shared during Part 1, so I'll have to make a list of them, I guess, and try to figure out what should happen next.
There's also the difficulty of more things happening behind the scenes then there are in front of Gwynnie. I mean that the plot that Gwynnie can see, the things she sees happening, is rather limited. The stuff happening in the third person interludes is very important and there's a lot more of it!

Gosh. I started this post twenty minutes ago, and I've really rambled on quite a bit. As you can no doubt see, however, my writing achievments have largely been thoughtful rather than practical in nature. I have achieved one thing however, in the form of writing up the rules for the "Guild Challenge Contest" for Obernet.

Obernetters: Ooh! Can we see them?
Kayt: No! Mwahahahahahahaha!!!

There are still a few things to be worked out.

While writing this entry, a woman from the Disability Services Unit called to cancel my appointment. ARGH!!! I NEED to see someone about my exams, ASAP. I got my medical certificate (and spent 20 minutes looking for it last night, only to find it in my bag), and if I have to go through the agonising process of writing my exams by hand, I will be VERY put out.
I've rescheduled for Wednesday, so we'll just have to see how that goes, won't we?

Best be off, hey what?



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May. 30th, 2005 12:27 am (UTC)
Huzzah for rambling about writerly things! LorF sounds like it's going really well, especially the way you're weaving things together. I'm disappointed that I haven't had much of an opportunity to read it of late. I really must catch up on everything, now that it's growing so inter-woven.

Good luck with working out where to go next in Questers and may someone help you with your concerns over your exams soon. :)
May. 30th, 2005 08:33 am (UTC)
Kate's story now has direct ties to Yanna, Brownie, Clare, Selina and probably Emma. That's so cool! And Yanna's story ties in to Kate, Min, Clare and probably Emma! While Brownie's ties directly to Kate and Brydie.

... I feel so alone...


Good luck with all the problems though!

May. 30th, 2005 09:14 am (UTC)
awww cateyes dont worry :P u can connect our stories if u want!! of course it will be difficult, but meh!! difficult schmifficult!
May. 30th, 2005 10:47 am (UTC)
Maybe Egis could appear in your story, visiting Colonel Beenym? Then you'd be connected to Kate!
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