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Mr. Potter

So... what did I think of The Book. My thoughts presented to you now, in short answers, below the cut.


I would have liked more:
Ginny, Luna, Neville and Tonks.

I would have liked less:
Deathly Hallows.

Best scene:
I think my favourite is the angstiest! :p When Ron is tortured by that Horcrux and it shows him Hermione and Harry. I love it because we've all felt like that, and I loved his reaction to seeing it played out for him, which I think is one of the most hideous tortures you could suffer.

Most distressing death:
Fred. No question. I actually won "Which Weasley Will Kick The Bucket?", but I'm not very happy about it. I think I may actually have stopped breathing. Tanya and Gemma were in the room reading, too, and they wanted to know what was happening as I took a few moments.
I have to say Hedwig was a shock, too. Ditto Dobby.

Best new character:
Ted Tonks. Not much of him, but what there was was awesome.

Best ending for a character:
Neville. I'm so proud of my favourite character. I always identified with Neville and saw a lot of myself in him, so when he kicked some arse, I was very thrilled.

Best dialogue:
Now THAT'S capslock dialogue. That moment kicked so much arse.
It's closely followed, however by, "After you left, she cried for a week."

Scariest moment:
When Harry and Ron are locked up, listening to Hermione's screams as she gets the Cruciatus curse.

Saddest moment:
Harry going to his death, with his mother, father, Godfather and friend.

Funniest moment:
Not sure. I laughed a lot and Ron cracks me up. Possibly Hermione going psycho when Ron comes back.

Happiest moment:
When Neville kicks some serpentine butt.

Best shipper moment:
Either "After you left, she cried for a week" or Lupin announcing the birth of Ted (but that kinda went sour).

Best twist:
Definitely the Kreacher story-arc. That was completely awesome, and I love the way his character went.

Best Ron moment:
When he suggests that they must get the houselves to safety, and scores a snog from Hermione. Isn't it great that we're all better people?

Best Hermione moment:
When she tells how her parents have gone to Australia. "They don't know they have a daughter". That was so sad, and I loved Hermione so much right then. She's the character I always identified with most, after Neville.

Favourite random cameo:
Oliver Wood!!!

Other bits:
I loved the Snape/Lily backstory. I am not of the school of thought that says Snape loving Lily from afar would have been better. I like the way JKR showed us the course of their relationship.

I loved the way Snape's death happened. Not redemptive, just pointless.

Ginny rocks. She's such a power woman!

What was with that epilogue? Didn't think much of that.

Hugo? Hermione, what were you thinking?

Protectivebrother!Ron cracks me up.

I shall have to read it again, a little slower.

And, maybe I'm slow, but can someone please explain how Malfoy's wand is the elder wand? I didn't get that.

Basically, I loved it.

Feel free to steal my format, if you can't be buggered writing out your complete thoughts.



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Jul. 22nd, 2007 08:56 pm (UTC)
When he suggests that they must get the houselves to safety, and scores a snog from Hermione. Isn't it great that we're all better people?

Except that they never follow it up! That really peeves me. Shining intentions don't do the elves no good, boyo.

Malfoy's wand wasn't the elder wand. But he disarmed Dumbledore on top of the tower in HBP and the wand went sailing over the tower (I read back to check), and was later buried with him. This made Draco the new master of the wand even though he didn't carry it with him, and when Harry slipped Draco's own wand (in a manfully, wrestly sort of manner) from his slackened fingers during the Dobby/chandelier moment, he was overpowering Draco and thus becoming master of both Draco's wands - the one he carried and the one buried with Dumbledore. Which was why when he cast Expelliarmus at Voldie, the wand obeyed him rather than V's Avada Kedavra winning.
Jul. 22nd, 2007 11:51 pm (UTC)
i LOVED Snape's death, it was the one thing I was so damn happy to have guessed wrong. There was no jump in front of Harry to save him, no shinning moment when stands in the way of Death Eaters and the kids of the school and shows his true beliefs. He just dies cuz Voldey thinks he should. And he hung on long enough to give his memories, but that's about it. I just loved it, it would have been the easy way to write his death, so it's that death that I think has won back my respect for JKR, it was just beautiful and I never would have seen it coming... at least, not until Snape did.
Jul. 23rd, 2007 02:49 am (UTC)
After five minutes of thought and buying it around six on Sunday, once again I finish reading Harry Potter early in the morning (5 am this time). Meh, I figured there'd be more to Snape's story and that he probably would end up dead but ah, in what way. Just like life. <3 It pains me that none of the local Potter fans I know would have read this book and I can't actually go about discussing it with them. Anyhow, I think the Kreacher story-arc was best twist also (cheers for the Black family! Well, bits of it). I knew the teacher was going to be Neville (one thing I was absolutely certain of).

I should like to talk about this more, but I seem to be having trouble with forming coherent sentences in English (which is a sort of pity since I have to give an English lesson later today... should be interesting). I think I have to read it again, a lot more slower. It's kind of weird thinking that there'll be no more books. Well, HP books. I figure that's the only good reason for that epilogue anyhow. Well, that and the whole Ted-snogging-Victoire-You-are-solike Ron bit.

Loved the book. Hoping the Estonian translation of it isn't full of as many mistakes (I mean typos, for the love of spelling!) as the sixth one was. And, ah. Lovely. Don't feel much like sleeping anymore, though I guess it would be a bit strange, starting to re-read the book straight away...
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