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There's a car in my driveway. He is a blue Holden, for those who care.

I think I shall call him Colin.

I lost track of time, because my Dad and I are purchasing insurance.

Note to Self: Perhaps last thing at night is not the best time to update.

Work was... interesting. Given the nature of my job, I can't really talk about it, but to those on my flist who are already aware of my frustration, the words GAH! MEAN WOMAN! GO AWAY! may be of help to you. My new boss had her first official day today, and without the old boss to show her the ropes. And this during MEAN WOMAN damage control, so she did admirably!

Also, my job today was to renew and print out every body else's contracts and deliver them to the general manager. Is it wrong that I found that quite an enjoyable job? All I had to do was develop a system of modifying old contracts, make sure everyone's details were right and print (and staple). It took 2 hours, but it wasn't demanding work. You just change things and then you print.

I think that's why I like really menial admin tasks. There's no pressure. If you fuck up, you just reprint. Hard to cause a total catostrophe when all you do is type, print and proofread.

Yay! I have insurance! I can have a shower now, and it doesn't MATTER if that means I go to bed later, and you know why?

Because instead of getting up very early in the morning to go in with the Paternal Unit, or getting up slightly less early to catch an infuriating bus... I get to DRIVE to work!

I'm sure you all want picspam of the carness, but it was dark when we brought it home, so I haven't been able to take any.

Peace out, ya'll!

Half: Did she just say...
Other Half: Leave it...



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Jul. 17th, 2007 11:27 pm (UTC)
*runs around squeeing*

YAY!!! They finally agreed on a car for you! Yay!!!

oush that is soooo cool! and Colin! i like Colin! :D
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