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I got the power...

Forget those other times I said I was cutting it fine! I did not know of what I spoke!

Now... THIS is cutting it fine!

Today I slept in (as promised!), got up, wrote some TI, went out to buy and send some mail, came home and called Sophie, then wrote more TI. A very good day.

Then, I got distracted watching The Pirates of Penzance, my all time favourite musical, and completely forgot about the time and the need to write an LJ entry!

So, given I got distracted watching Pirates, I have a ready made topic to talk about: acting.

Every actor, however quiet they keep it, has an ultimate ambition. A show they want to be in, or a character they want to play. Hamlet, for example, is quite a common Ultimate Acting Goal.

My UAG is not Hamlet, nor is it Shakespearian, or in any way a dramatic role that will show off any enormous acting talent I might have. My Ultimate Acting Goal is to play...


Yes, that wacky, crowd pleasing Pirate King from The Pirates of Penzance.

All: Um...

Yes, yes... that whole thing where I'm a girl. But really... transpose his solos up an octave, and I don't see a problem. Nothing in the script says the Pirate King has to be a man. Could easily be a woman. Your options are limitless: you could pretend it ISN'T a woman, or you could embrace it. There's some lovely shtick you could do with a woman Pirate King.

All: Also...

I know... much like my alter ego, Miss Wood of 1807, my singing voice is not what it once was. But, see... the thing about that is... I just haven't practiced in a long time. One of the first things I intend to do when I have the energy back is to get my singing voice back. And I know one thing already.

I still have POWER. I don't have the range I used to have, and I don't have the voice I used to have, but in terms of power, I'm still incredibly loud. And I'm proud of that.

All: But, you're like... this big...

I am. But for some reason, I have both a ridiculously large diaphragm and a scary loud voice. The fact that I'm so small makes it more fun. I remember in college, hating the drama because I never got any respect and no one ever praised my work. But one day, when we were working on Cabaret, I had to sing in front of my little group.

And they were absolutely stunned. They were all "how does that voice fit in that little body?" and then when we all got back together as a class, Phoebe was like "You guys have GOT to hear this!"

Blew their fucking minds.

Often, I naturally breathe from the diaphragm, which I think is super cool. The only thing I have NEVER been told off for by a director is being too quiet. My MUM tells me off, but it doesn't happen on a stage. I don't know why I can do this, but I can walk into a room and know exactly how loud I need to be. I don't actually know how to project. If I have to teach it, I always call for help. I can teach diction, but projection... no. All I know is, I want my voice to go over there, so that's where I put it.
Perhaps I should get into ventriloquism...

I think everyone should know their strengths, or they'll go mad.
So... while I can worry that my writing is crap, that my performances are bad, or that I CANNOT draw, I am never EVER worried about my voice. That's my talent: when the moment comes- I am really freakin' loud.


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Jul. 14th, 2007 12:24 am (UTC)
Curse you, genetics!!
We have the same damn DNA, and NONE OF THE FUCKING ABOVE is true of me.
No, wait, actually it is. I have an extremely powerful voice. You can hear me from fucking Saturn.
It's just that I can't, you know, hold notes. Or even get notes right. When I sing something, the best that can be said is that I'm singing the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order.
My DNA sucks.
Jul. 14th, 2007 09:48 am (UTC)
I envy your loudness...I'm afraid I'm usually too softly spoken D: Or WAY too loud when I don't want to be. Maybe I'm just bad at timing :/

I would love to see you as the pirate king! That would kick butt! :D
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