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Twenty Questions!

Today, I didn't know what to post, so I have stolen the last twenty questions from fridayfiver, a community which appears to ask five fairly random questions every Friday.

So... here are the twenty questions (I'm doing 20 to make it more substantial).

1. What troubles you?
Having to make an effort all the time.

2. Do you like thunderstorms?
I am afraid of them.

3. Do you sleep easily or toss and turn?
Er... sleep disorder! So, I toss and turn... if I sleep at all.

4. What do you offer a friend?
Money. But seriously, folks... I'm not sure. I think I have a sense of humour.

5. Friday fill-in:
Please don't ___.

Please don't encourage Paris Hilton. Just... don't.

6. Have any road trips planned?
Oh, my word, no!

7. What is out of your reach?
Right now? The TV... the bookshelf. And the alarm clock.

8. Are you more likely to watch a sunset or the sun rise?
Neither interests me. They happen all the time.

9. What night will you never forget?
The night I attended a certain party. inhumlesnt knows what I'm talking about. So does thingwithtrees. NO ONE SHOULD EVER HAVE TO HAVE BEEN ME THAT NIGHT!!!

10. What's the last thing that made you scream?
No idea. I'm going to take a guess and suggest a very large spider.

11. When do you doubt yourself?
All the time. I think it's important to have SOME level of doubt. Complete confidence leads to mistakes. Not to mention, it makes you irritating.

12. Who do you owe an apology?
To WHOM do I owe an apology? No one, I hope. If I owe you an apology, do let me know!

13. When is the last time you felt embarrassed?
I can't recall. I really can't. I'm sure I'm embarrassed all the time, but I can't recall a specific recent incident.

14. What do you ignore?
Work emails that I don't want to answer.

15. Do you love yourself?
Not in the biblical sense...

16. Are you attracted to the naughty or the nice?
The nice. Definitely.

17. Do you let your dirty laundry pile up?
Given the chance, I would, but my Grandmother pounces upon laundry and seizes it.

18. What's the last excuse you made?
Um... "I have to pick my Mum up from work" this afternoon. It was true, but I'd also ARRANGED to pick mum up so I'd have an excuse.

19. Do you play it safe or do you take risks?
Ah... but in what context? I like to take risks artistically, but certainly not in my personal life.

20. Friday fill-in:
Let's go to ____ and ____.

Er... weird question. Um... Let's go to SLEEP and NEVER HAVE TO WAKE UP!!!

Mmmm... sleep...

And finally... since I have to post every day, and I don't have a lot to say, do please feel free to ask a question or suggest a topic that I might be able to talk about in future posts. On what subject would you like to see me speak?



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Jul. 5th, 2007 03:01 pm (UTC)
If you have a digital camera, how about you pick a day and make a post according to the rules at adayinmylife (a href="http://community.livejournal.com/adayinmylife/profile">Rules page</a>) Only make it lots less than 70 photos... ;)

You could take a really boring day and write about it in rhyming couplets...?

Or are you looking for sensible suggestions?
Jul. 5th, 2007 03:06 pm (UTC)
I'll do the first one.

Tomorrow. For I bought a new digital camera on the weekend.
Jul. 6th, 2007 02:50 am (UTC)
1. How you first came to read The Obernewtyn Chronicles.

2. A post in the character of The Lady.

3. A boring day in rhyming couplets - seconded.
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