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And what was the deal with...

Right. I shall place my whinging and spoilers behind this second

In no particular order, just as they occur to me:

1. What was the deal with Qui Gon Jin being supposedly back from the dead? Was this relevant? Was it neccessary? Seemed flipping bizzare to me.

2. Padme's death? And the whole birth scene, but mainly the death. That way sucked. And she had TWO babies THAT size and that tiny pregnant stomach. Bite me, Lucas, bite me!

3. Is it just me, or does Yoda have a massive size advantage. You can't hit a guy that size that easy. And speaking of Yoda, I've discovered why the Emperor is definitely evil. NOBODY zaps a muppet!

4. Why did the robots put a cloak on Anakin while he was being Vadered up? Did anyone else notice that? They lay him on a bench, gave him electronic limbs and then put a cloak on him. THEN a helmet... What the hell?

5. Chewbacca!!! I waited the whole film hoping for that!!! YAY!!! *grugs the lovely wookies*

6. Please feel free to insert your own whinge or THAT WAS COOL...



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May. 20th, 2005 10:51 am (UTC)
lol well i must say uve done well :P ill comment on the above tho!

1. it is mentioned when luke first finds Obe-wan (or some where near there) that he has been training all these yrs...so i think lucas jsut explained who trained our dear ewan :)

2. it was a little over the top (the death scene) but i think it tied in teh whole push behind the movie. (here is me being very supportive of lucas - since ive jsut ceom out of the movie not 10min ago im bias :P) like vader was born to save padme which actually caused her death so i think it was a good explaination of the whole thing in a visual way :P ...tho i do say her belly needed to be a little bigger then that for twins! COME ON it could have been a little realistic! but yes to me (who si very soppy) it did well with the underlying theme of 'whatever u go to prevent will ultimately happen because of ur doings' silly dont play with fat. :P and plus it was hollywood it had to be there somewhere. they couldnt really do the who 'NOOOOOOOOOOO' scene if they didnt have it :P heheh (u need some humour too :P)

3. yoda is yoda nad his size is the only reason he isnt dead :P heheh it takes to long ot reach him! (not meaning anythin against him cos i love yoda! :) just re-itterating what u said :P)

4.all villans have a cape. tho i dont actually remember seeing then put the cape on :P oh well

5. *does happy dance* i was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy to see him! and OMG! i loved the scene where yoda climbs up chewbacca's arm! WOOOT! i was one very happy puppet there :)

6. i loved it cos its jsut so nice to see it done. tho i think give me a few moments or yrs and ill tear it to peices. this trilogy as a whole is very dissapointing to the starwars name but im gald its been done! :) and the last one did end it well :) hehehe....now to dust off my old videos :P kayt i think we need a starwars nite :P
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