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Take that, you bastards!

Okay, so I've found where the rule I broke is written down online. It says for a BA, I have to have a MAXIMUM of 48 units at 1000 level (first year) and a MINIMUM of 96 units at 2000/3000 level (later year).

I've broken the rules in two ways, because I've got 54 units at 1000 and only 90 at 2000/3000.

BUT, I can also prove that this is not my fault. I don't have any written advice telling me to take the extra 6 points at 1000, but observe the following clause:

In exceptional circumstances, a student may include more than 48 units at 1000-level. Students must seek permission from the Sub-dean.

I didn't seek permission. I never went NEAR the Sub-dean. I checked with my lecturer and I checked with the enrolments office. And someone allowed me to take the extra course without permission from the Sub-dean. That means that I have proof that someone in admin has stuffed up! I wasn't allowed to take that course. Someone enrolled me in it anyway.

Presumably, had I followed proper procedure (as staff should have directed me to do), the rules would have been explained to me, and I would have been aware that an extra later year course would be necessary.

Doesn't that mean that this is not my fault? When I tried to enrol in a course I wasn't allowed to do, I should have been stopped, shouldn't I? Who let me in that course without permission from the relevant authority?

Yes, I have broken the rules, but I was given incorrect advice, and now I can prove it. Surely I am entitled to an exemption from this rule, given that it's an error made by the staff at the uni. If I add to my case that I have a Distinction average (clearly not trying to bludge my way through a degree), I might be in with a shot, right?

Yes, yes... I know it's not that bad, and I know I can take an extra course part time next year, or even make up the points over summer. But why should I? Why do I deserve that stress on top of the other stress I've had this year. I've worked my butt off to finish this degree, despite the fact that I started off the semester with cancer, and despite the fact that I still can't sleep properly after that whole scare. I've still managed to achieve above average grades.

So... why should I be forced to work even harder when someone else failed to give me the correct instructions? I've earned this degree, and I did it even though I hated every moment, and even though I had a serious illness.

Anyway... that's basically what I'm going to say when I go to my appointment tomorrow. What do you think? Will it wash?

PS. Is the educational content between 1st and 2nd year so extreme that the Distinction I got in that 9th 1st year course is worth less than a pass in a 2nd year course would have been?
I don't think so. If I'd done a 2nd year course and passed it, I would be graduating. But, I got a D in a 1st year course and so I'm not eligible? Bullshit.
My 1st year Distinction shits all over someone else's 2nd year passing grade.



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Nov. 1st, 2006 09:30 am (UTC)
I think that so long as you are calm and mature about the situation they should allow you to do this. You have worked your butt off the last 3 years and deserve this, especially with all the crap you have gone through while getting there. You caught up completely through the stress earlier this year and have also done many wonderful things outside uni while getting such good marks. I really hope they let you through, good luck.
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