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Reflections on a Dead Princess...

I do so enjoy a pretentious subject line...

I promised myself I'd write AT LEAST two and a half poems for Izzy Darkmoor last night. I managed to channel her to some extent, but the problem with Izzy is that whenever I write as her for more than a few moments I end up with this incredible urge to kill myself! Anyway, the second stipulation was that at least one of those two and a half poems had to be a happy poem. No mean feat, let me tell you!

Anyway, I did manage to come up with two or three things, although I'm not raptuorously happy with any of them. I suppose two of them are perhaps good enough to be put in the book.

Izzy Darkmoor is a character from Questers, my beloved epic. If you've read it you probably know who I mean. She's the princess who was murdered seven years before the story even starts, but she's there, all the time. People talk about her a lot, there's no conversation you can have without someone mentioning Izzy Darkmoor (a fact which drives my Heroine, Gwynnie, spare! But that may just be because Gwynnie can't bare to let the focus drift away from herself!)

An important prop in the story are two books of poetry Izzy wrote. Her mother burnt all her letters and books, but these two were hidden and rescued. Occasionally, one of the poems is read out loud, creating a picture of Izzy D as a miserable, suicidally depressed angsty teen type.

I am creating those books of poetry, writing all the poems and putting them in nice looking books. Most of them will never be used in the story, but it's fun to write them!!! (Except that they're so darn miserable!)

Here's the happy poem I wrote for her. It's only fives lines long. (Short poetry is not a strong point of mine, but it IS one of Izzy's, which is odd, really).

It is dark on the moor
But I imagine Sunshine is like you
When the clouds go away
And the fog lifts
There is only warmth

Short and to the point. And with that fixation with the things she only ever gets to hear about and look at pictures of. Like sunshine, trees, flowers. That kind of thing. It'd suck to live on a lifeless moorland really. Grass grass and more grass. Oh look! A dead sheep! Bog, marsh. The remains of those who DARED oppose the power of Mummy Dearest. Grass. Dead grass. Bog.

Not the cheeriest of places, especially for an aspiring peasant. You have to worry about the princess who dreams of being a peasant when she grows up... Don't know WHERE that came from...

This concludes my thoughts for the day about Izzy D. Guess I really oughta get to work on my tute notes fo history. The Iliad really is incredibly dull! Gimme a good Virgil poem any day!!!

All: We haven't had an interlude in this entry yet!

Now you have.

Pip pip and all that...

An Amendment made at 11:25am that same day
This didn't seem worthy of another entry. But I just want to say that when one of your speakers stops working, Queen really loses something! Is most sad only getting half of the fabulous Mr. Taylor's drumming.
I must complain to my father (this being my main reason for posting this here- so I remember), and tell him the speaker doesn't work. One can not play air guitar properly when one can't hear the whole brilliant ensemble. Oh well... is still tremendous, I guess.
Flit: ARGH! She's talking about Queen again!
Kayt: Bite me. Queen rule.

Later, ya'll...


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May. 17th, 2005 12:18 am (UTC)
Hehe - your title reminded me of a piece of music my dad and I searched for over the Easter weekend: Pavane for a Dead Princess. 'Tis quite a beautifully dismal piece of music; I'm sure Izzy would love it.

Huzzah for your sticking to your promise! You've inspired me to do something other than sitting on the internet all day today. :)
May. 17th, 2005 01:17 am (UTC)
Hehe. Sounds very depressing! Possibly something, Isabelle would have written. Probably wouldn't have liked it though! Little hypocrit! She writes dismal and depressing stuff herself but only really enjoys other people's work if it's cheerful!!!

I'd very much like to hear it though! Perhaps if Questers ever became a film it could go on the soundtrack!!!

*tries to contemplate Questers as actual film*

Hehe! I can imagine the long suffering director. "Can I just change this one word to..."

Oh dear. A horrific vision of the future there...

DO do something productive and writerful today. Or I'll set the toilets on you!!!
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