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Counting, rambling and a Perky dream

Worst. Essay. Ever.

Ah well, at least it's finished. It's sitting beside me right now, upside down so I don't glance over and read its amazing shittiness. I'll hand it in just before my last ever Pacific Politics lecture at ten. Ah, Pacific lectuers... there's a task I so totally will not miss. Then I have my last tutorial for the same subject and a world of ditto.

11 days left of classes, but only four of actually attending classes. That means today, History and English on Wednesday, last US Politics class on Thursday, and History and English again next week. That's it. No more. Ever.

Then I have 10 shiny days to write my final essay (and given Moonfair ends in October, just a few days to enter like a madwoman). After my last essay, I've completed one class. Two days off. Exam. Strike off two classes. Two days off. Exam: Strike Three! Six days off. Exam. All over. Permanently.

So... this is by way of expressing that in 31 days: FREEDOM! Wonderful freedom! I'm just a single agonising month from non-uni-attending victory.

Of course, I really need to start driving lessons again. Not to mention November is the all-important month of NaNoWriMo. But who gives a crap what else I have going on. Because I finish uni in 31 DAYS, PEOPLE!

Well, that rant went on longer than it was supposed to. Think I'll put it under a cut. Done.

What I actually want to talk about is that dream I had the other night. Wow, was that ever wacky! It drives me crazy when the Plot Fairies come unbidden: like I don't have enough to work on without them throwing their ideas at me. I mean, I'm not saying I did that thing where I dreamt up the plot for a novel, but there are some elements of the dream that I just loved:

1. I was lucid dreaming, so I like how the guy I thought was the hero died really early on in the story.
2. I like any setting in which the most potent, daring political statement you can make is releasing the Government's goats into the wild. I think they might have been sacred goats. Anyway, it was way rebellious.
3. I liked the city where all the statues, monuments and the like are alive and interact with the populace. I particularly liked how the local crime-solving forces used them as a source. And their somewhat flirtatious behaviour.
4. I liked the character of Perky Parkinson-Gibbs, who was delightfully sensible, which I think may have been a sort of defense mechanism on account of being dubbed Perky by unfeeling parents.

What to do with these 4 enjoyable concepts, I have absolutely no idea. Perhaps there is room for some of them within another work. I'm sure Perky would fit in somewhere else. Dido Darke, maybe? Dido's been asking me for a side-kick: or more sort of demanding really, in a superior tone. She might also be a resident of Stowemarket-on-Mysk.

What have I actually been doing, aside from dreaming things. Well, LorF has reached the home-stretch. And yesterday, suddenly inspired, I began my rewrite of Udelan. I started in a completely different place to the previous version, and while I was writing, Davin kept getting impatient. He wanted to be introduced very early on, and I didn't have the heart to say no to him, poor chap. He also gave me a very useful physical description of himself, which was jolly good of him, I think. The result of this is that he now has a background and physical presence he didn't have before. I'm not sure if I'll even keep my new beginning, but I'm very happy with the revelations it has produced for me.

Anyway, I'm not completely lazy and procrastinatory. Writing is happening, uni is happening, and say it with me, people: 31 DAYS!

Now I'm off to perform the post-essay ceremony of binning notes and returning books. Then Green Tea and a new notebook before I hand in the piece of crap, and adjourn to the lecture theatre for the ritualistic torture. I've got a rehearsal after class today, too. My gang are doing our show "Bully for You" at a schools drama festival: we're the special non-school guest. We did four hours last Tuesday, during school holidays, and it's coming along very nicely.

I talk too much.


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Oct. 16th, 2006 12:13 am (UTC)
Release the goats! RELEASE THE GOATS!

You have such fascinating dreams.

*is envious*
Oct. 16th, 2006 12:13 am (UTC)
Yay!!! 31 Days!!! *does dance*

I love your four points, the statues and the goats especially. They're brilliant!
Oct. 16th, 2006 03:02 am (UTC)
Perky... how utterly unfeeling of her parents!

also the goats are what we call a brilliant flash of inspiration (using the royal "we" here...)

and yay! 31 days!

wait 'til it gets to 28 - then you can treat it like rehab. :P
Oct. 17th, 2006 03:47 am (UTC)
I agree with the Buneater - release the sacred Government goats! Best dream image I've heard of in a while.
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