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Let's get tidy...

Because 1807 has lately had a tendency to clutter things up around here, I've given my 1807 alter-ego a journal of her own. You can find it here: somersetsojourn, I don't have an 1807ish banner or icons yet, but I'll make some eventually.

In the meantime this blog can go back to being MY blog, and not that of my Georgian counterpart.

I haven't been writing much because Moonfair over at Obernewtyn.net has been distracting me. Nearly nearly there, though! As you know, stupid uni is the worst concept ever created, but I won't bore you with the details of my HATING IT!

I'm trying to think of positive things to talk about, but I'm in a crappy mood, so it's not easy. I've done a few of the Tasks on the 10PP, but not nearly enough. I've been distracted by Moonfair, like I said.

I started work again on Tuesday, which was interesting. I do hope I have more than two kids though. Two of my kids from last semester have dropped out, leaving me with a girl and a boy who tend to be at each other's throats most of the time. I'd like just one more kid, to kind of temper them.

*crosses finges*

Gah! Bus leaving soon! Shiny ponies and things, and those of you who choose to friend somersetsojourn, expect frequent updates, because I'm VERY VERY crankypants lately.


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Aug. 17th, 2006 03:12 am (UTC)
I love reading your 1807 tales, so have friended somersetsojourn :)

I hope things start to look up a bit more on the uni front soon *hugs*
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