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Uni sucks!


Dear Journal,
Today was particularly beautiful. Somerset is such a picturesque country. I walked to the cottage with Daphne, Louisa and Julia to call upon Elizabeth. Charles was out, but I was introduced to the baby. He did not appear to understand that he was on display, however, and he merely squalled and demanded to be returned to the nurse. Elizabeth is well, although privately, I wonder at her choice in dress since she married. One can all too easily wear too much green, particularly with Elizabeth's complexion.
Daphne had more calls to make, but the girls returned me to the house, where I spent the rest of the morning with William and Charlotte. Charlotte is such a well behaved child. I have little to say on the subject of the morning, however. There are only so many remarks to be made, when it comes to children. Julia and Louisa seem always engaged in their own tasks, although what they are about, I cannot imagine. Perhaps sisters are always like this.
In the afternoon, I went for another walk; this time around the grounds with Edward. He showed me the pineapples, and they do not seem as altogether hopeless as Sir James makes them out to be.
Sir James was interviewing a new Latin master for Thomas when we returned to the house. We ran into them in the hall. Sir James has engaged Mr. Porrit, and so Thomas' Latin lessons will begin again next week. He enjoys Latin and so was in good spirits the rest of the afternoon.
The evening passed pleasantly, with Julia and Louisa returning from their private activity to engage with the rest of the household. I do not like to judge too harshly, but Julia really does play the piano dreadfully ill. Louisa is more promising, however. Daphne says that neither of them practice as they should.
I have promised Thomas that he may introduce his dogs to me in the morning, but other than that, I have no engagements. Somerset is refreshingly free of those social engagements one feels so obligated to attend every evening. Aside from Thomas' little pets, tomorrow is entirely my own.


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