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10 Point Planning

Sorry about yesterday's flocked entry. But we all need a really profane screaming fit, every now and again, online though it may be.

As flippyfrog said, I've got thirteen weeks to go, and I have to do them, but no one said I had to do them with grace or dignity. Cue thirteen weeks of sooking and hissy fits.

Now, given that whole highly distracting cancer thing is now over, it's time for a Shiny new 10-Point-Plan.

Organisational Tasks

1. Write a Plan/Outline for a rewrite of QCC. Make a note of what to keep from the old version, figure out the new storyline/themes and possibly come up with a new title.
QCC is an old story of mine, the only longer piece I have ever finished. I wrote it 5 years ago and was reminded of it recently. I realised that, terrible though it is, if it can still make me chuckle now, and if the premise is still one I enjoy, it deserves a second chance at life. What it is about, I will not say. But I'm sure thingwithtrees knows what I'm talking about!

2. Make the language changes to A Darke Rendezvous. Get MH using appropriate slang. And then sned it to katiefoolery for some more concritting.
I want this story to have no discernible time or place. So, the narrator needs his language spiced up a bit. blindmouse felt the story was pretty modern sounding, so I'm giving MH more outdated (and especially 20s) slang, to muddy the waters a little.

3. Establish a complete plotline for a Stowemarket-on-Mysk story. Figure out all the complexities, and include plenty of surprises and red herrings! And give The Wind and The Shadow plenty to do, because they're so fun.
I just added this task on a whim. I'd love to write another of these stories, so I figured why not? I have the shell of an idea, anyway.

4. Figure out what Patience is about. Or at least get together a working hypothesis to be going on with.
Because I really DON'T know where this is going.

5. Decide what concept and character Chapter Five of Terey Isabella is going to introduce. Robert and Symyn might be fun, but then there's nothing to say it can't be Imren or something.
Because that way, when I get to Chapter Five, work can begin immediately, without any fuss.

Writing Tasks

6. Rewrite or complete Chapter Four of Terey Isabella. Whatever it takes, just get that damn chapter out of the way!
I'm having real trouble with this chapter, largely because I can't find a way of introducing Gwynnie to Taqan without their meeting seeming contrived.

7.Complete an account of Rob's first day at work for Patience. He needs to start establishing relationships with the other characters during the day. And Callie needs to do something to further horrify him.
Yesterday, I wrote most of Rob's breakfast. I think the first day of work is a good easily-defined block to work with.

8. Finish the second Dido Darke story.
This task is fairly self-explanatory, I should think. Although, I should mention that this is the story I came up with the other week, with the villain narrating.

9. Post an episode of LorF. And preferably Kate-LorF.
Because I'm so blocked it seems like the only way to make me do it is to put it on the 10 Point Plan.

10. Write an opening to this new QCC thing. Just to see if it works!
Because may as well make it part of the 10PP while I'm still enthused about it.

And there we have it. Five Organisational Tasks. Five Writing Tasks. Can I get all ten completed this time? And how long will it take? We shall see.


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Jul. 30th, 2006 05:57 am (UTC)
Mm. I like your plan. Schedules yay.

Wonder if I could use something similar to kickstart writing again...
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