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What The Hell Are You Talking About?

I've been talking so much about the 10 Point Plan and my various writing projects, and it has just occured to me that most of the Flist probably has absolutely no earthly idea of what I am talking about. Sorry about that.

Consequently, I present this little (or big) post, in which I will summarise my various writing projects, in order to bring any interested parties up to date. Then, perhaps, my ranting will make a leetle more sense.

Kayt's Writing Projects

I've been writing Questers since I was in Year 8. *counts backwards* That would put me at 12 years old, 8 years ago. *mind boggles* 8 Years? Bloody Hell!!!
At any rate, it's evolved a lot since then, as you can imagine. It was originally 3 books, but now it's looking more like 6.
Questers is set in The Land of the Seven Kingdoms. It's telling so many stories now, but primarily, I think, it's the story of the Holy War: a long, secret war between The Army of Black and The Army of White. The two armies have been fighting each other secretly for thousands of years. The story begins when the action gets serious, as the Holy War reaches climax. The major characters are all heavily tied up in the Holy War, in various roles.
Obviously, religion (and the ambiguity of same) is a heavy theme of Questers. Motivation is another theme: I've given a lot of space to examining what motivates Our Heroes do good, and later, to do incredible evil. The third major theme I would point to is Madness. More than one character loses the plot entirely, in their own way.
Each individual book has a thematic focus, too. For example, Terey Isabella the first book, focuses heavily on myth and belief. The Living Death, the fifth book is very much about grief.
I absolutely adore my baby. The characters are so much a part of me, and this is the biggest and most ambitious project I have! One day, I swear, I will finish it!
Characters you might read about here include:
Gwynnie, the narrator of books 1 & 2. Self-absorbed, superior and totally unpleasant, but for some reason, everyone who's ever read the story likes her! I love to write Gwynnie, as she's just so supernaturally bitchy. The only people she likes are those she can look down on, and even then, she makes sure they KNOW they're inferior.
Taqan, the narrator of books 5 & 6. He's a laid back, eternally cheerful, confident and either unaware or uncaring just how much he irritates poor old Gwynnie. I often think of Taqan as being my good side.
Xanthia, or Xana, the narrator of books 3 & 4. She has grey skin, bears a disfiguring scar that grows bigger every day, and has a magikal slow-burn taking place in her brain. If she has a catchphrase, it is "I'm already aware of my frightening disfigurement and the fact that I am utterly deranged, so you must not feel obliged to pretend you haven't noticed," or words to that effect. Emotionless and yet irrational, Xana is never fazed by anything. She is Taqan's opposite, and I usually think of her as being my depressed side. She's not a bad person, but I'm not sure if she's good. She just doesn't care about anything or anyone.

The Story About Stories
Often shortened to just "The Story", this one doesn't have a title yet. It is however, heavily planned, both in my head, and on paper. It comes from my love of the actual process of "stories". It's a story (and I know this has been done before), about the way stories work. It's filled with archetypes, cliches and narrative expectation.
It's really the story of Tiana, the Character. Tiana is either cursed, or blessed (depending who you ask) with stories. Stories run in her family, and thus she is doomed to live her life within the dictates of narrative expectation. Fighting this with all her heart, she refuses point blank to live the way the story wants her too, and does everything in her power to live a normal life. But you can't fight the Plot. (And nor can you fight the power of her Evil Stepmother).
The Story also features two other important figures. The first is Bevyn, the Reader, who has stories and myths so ingrained into his psyche, that he is always convinced things should turn out for him a certain way, but living in the real world, they never do. For example, he keeps every useless item he collects on his journey, but of course, this being reality, they are never of any use to him at all. This is in contrast to Tiana, who would throw them away, only to find they are essential later.
The third of the three figures is Kateb, the Author. At the moment, I'm looking at using him as the actual narrator of the entire story. At any rate, he represents the author figure, plauged by Writer's Block. As Tiana's travelling companion, he sets himself up to narrate her life. She, the character, is a Muse for the struggling author.
Through Character, Reader and Author, The Story is a trip through how stories work, and why we need them. And it's such fun to have the other characters. Most of these don't have names yet, but are given titles in my planning, such as "The Girl Dressed As A Boy", "The Good Twin", "The Evil Twin" and so on.

Udelan or Lu'Mi
(The "U" in Lu'Mi is silent, incidentally)
Udelan is part of a collection of stories (none of which are entirely abandoned), called "Stuff I Dreamt". They are set in one single world, a semi-chivalrous collection of Kingdoms. Udelan, so far the longest, is the story of Lu'Mi Tryskilyn, the Lady Knight of Udelan. For various complex political reasons, she was knighted, the first woman to ever achieve this, and the story really details the related trials and totally unrelated personal problems.
Lu'Mi is a loser, really. Yes, she's strong and independent and can hold her own when it comes to trading insults with her arch nemesis, Sir Aedilfirth Aedile, but when you get right down to it, she's an absolute train-wreck. Davin, her best friend says she's spent her entire life on a catastrophe curve, and he has given up trying to straighten her, opting instead to just stop her falling over cliffs. I think I love writing Lu'Mi so much because she's the sort of person so many of us are frantically trying not to be. Very capable and well-adjusted in their professional life, but totally incapable of taking care of themself. She's well-respected, greatly admired and she's a role model. But in private, she's an emotional wreck.
Basically, this is escapist stuff. It's not big in ideas, or in meaning. It's just a story about a woman.

Many many years ago, I was working on a piece called The Morgan Story. It was awful, but I liked the characters. A few months ago, I had a dream and that led to my taking the characters and transplanting them. The result is Patience. That's just the working title at present. New setting, new plot, new themes (some of them). Same old characters, with a few changes.
Essentially, it's Science Fiction, I suppose. But it isn't really, on account of the science is completely irrelevant, and the setting is not even of secondary importance. It's the story of Rob Hammond, the "Shiny" new Deputy Administrator on Patience Colony. He's your typical straight-laced by-the-book type, and he doesn't get along well with his new colleagues. Even his boss is blase about rules. No one seems to care about hygeine or due process. And he's pretty sure that Callie, the extremely scary head of Military Operations is a serial killer. In the end, I THINK where I'm going with this is that Rob brings the value of discipline to the colony, but at the same time, he learns the importance of mellowing out. Fairly simple theme, really. It might change as I go on.
Much of the story, though, will be devoted to Rob's self-imposed mission to bring Callie into line. She's run rings around every boss she's ever had, but Rob (I think) is a little smarter than your average city-dwelling stiff.
rigel_7 suggested this is a disguised romance novel, and it does sound that way, doesn't it? I hope it doesn't go that way though! Sex, probably. Romance... I just don't think it'll work in this setting, with these people...
I'm only sorry about the loss of the old Giant Space Leech. Maybe I can find a way of including him...

Alien Sex Scandals in Vegas
I wrote this play ages ago for work, and we toured it around schools. I've promised some of the actors at work that I would rewrite it, bigger, better and longer, for them to perform in an actual theatrical production.
The plays I write for work are always about a theme for teaching, and this one is about sex. It focuses on one family: Mary, the mother, is finding her sex-life stale and boring. Georgia, the daughter, is pregnant to a horrible boyfriend. And Will, the son... is an insane conspiracy theorist who believes the Saucer People are bugging his bedroom... and he's also trying to avoid sex with his nymphomaniacal girlfriend, Nikki. Nikki (I used to play her! Such fun!) tends to favour magazines offering sex tips involving "four long pieces of string and a sacrificial goat".
At any rate, it's a play with real messages for teens about how to deal with things like pressure and unwanted pregnancy. And to make them pay attention, I wrapped it in comedy and threw in Saucer People.
I'm quite looking forward to the rewrite...

I think that brings us up to date on my 5 major projects. There's also LorF, of course. But... perhaps we'll leave that explanation for another day.

Pip pip and all that!

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