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I feel bad about writing...

As I was saying, I feel bad about writing...

Because of the stresses of uni, I've really only had time to work on LorF. As much as I love LorFination, I'd like to get some time out to do some other things. I've got Patience to work on, for a start. That's the new version of the old Morgan Story. It's now back from the scary critiquing process. Overall, everyone pretty much saw the same problems with it that I did, which is either good or bad, I'm not sure!

The exposistion in the second part needs to be split up and rationed out, or else made more exciting for the reader in some other way. While I feel it's a valid suggestion that everything should be revealed more slowly, I also think it's not in Rob's nature to let that kind of information lie. He's the sort of guy who WOULD go out and find all this stuff, ASAP. So... I either need to find a way to stop Rob getting the info he wants too quickly, or take the suggestion Rigel gave me and make the exposition less of a passive exercise for the reader. I'll have to give that some thought.

Those who read it, do you have any suggestions? How can I make Rob participate more actively as he learns about Callie?

There wasn't really any other major criticism, which astounds me. There were a lot of little grammar and wording corrections (thanks to Fred of Lauren, particularly, for those little changes of word that made everything flow). No one seemed to care that Rob is without any kind of personality whatsoever! I don't care either, actually. It's only a first draft, and I imagine, as I get on with it, he will develop one, particularly in relation to Cal, because I have Plans for that relationship. Callie was rather popular. I was having second thoughts about her first introduction, but she seemed to go over well. Carroway was quite well-liked as well.


Carroway: Oh yeah. I'm hot.
*grugs Carroway*
Kayt: I really don't know why I like you. Jerk.

If there was a second major criticism, it was that my description happens in big lumps that halt the story for a while. I actually find that incredibly funny, as normally I have a problem with not being nearly descriptive enough! I was making a concious effort this time to put some in. Obviously, I've overcompensated and gone dramatically too far the other way!!! Whoops!

Still, Patience is just one story. All the same, I've got some things to think about in relation to it. I've written a cute little dialogue piece between Rob and Callie and some expensive beer to go later on, and I have to keep going at least that far, so as to be able to use it!!!

As for other things:

I do hope I'm not outgrowing Questers! That would be dreadful! I still love it and all, and I am absolutely determined that it will one day be finished... But I barely even look at it any more. Alas... always far too busy. Spare writing time is usually devoted to LorF, because I have so much encouragement to work on that, and no incentive at all to work on Questers, except that which I give myself!!! I've got so much story there, and it's entirely planned out in my head... I just have to write it. Maybe next holidays I should devote just to Questers. Just to get me back into it. I miss my baby, sometimes! Perhaps if I give myself a Questers project to work on...

As for the Story About Stories... I really feel it loses something by eliminating Bevyn The Reader. But Kateb and Tiana by themselves make a good story. It's just that it kind of detracts from the point of the whole thing, if I've only got an Author and a Character. Hmmm...

I haven't done any work on Lu'Mi in ages, either, which is a shame, because I absolutely love writing her. She's so pathetic, sometimes! And Davin is wonderful. I really must get back to work on that one. Maybe if I just pick an ending and stick with it, but I can't!!!
How on earth does one character end up with 4 love interests? It wasn't supposed to be that way!!!
Maybe I should just kill her.
Lu and Davin are languishing at the Tourney. I know what is supposed to happen that night, so the main thing is to sit down and just WRITE it!

Also, I'm supposed to produce a rewrite of Alien Sex Scandals in Vegas, which is an old play of mine. I promised the gang at work that I'd rewrite it, extend it and add two characters, so we can put it on in the theatre, instead of in a school. It'll be kind of a little extra-curricular for us.

Alright... this musing to myself has been all very well, but it is time to set oneself some tasks, to be accomplished while working on the hideous Fascism Essay. Of course, I won't get them all done by then, but we'll make this a mid to long term list.

10 Things to Do

Planning Tasks

1. Compile a list of reasons why I love Questers so much. Theoretically, this will inspire me to begin work on it again.

2. Reread what I have of Questers. I can't possibly be expected to work on it if I haven't done that.

3. Read the two versions I have of The Story and compare them. I have one version in which Tiana begins first person, Bevyn continues first person, and then Kateb speaks first person. I have another version with Kateb telling the whole story, as a sort of third person narrator. I need to see which of these I like best. I also need to consider how Kateb works as a narrator for Bevyn.

4. Finalise who the two new Sex Scandals characters will be. I'm leaning towards Nikki's mother and sister, but I'm not wedded to that yet.

5. Brainstorm the five potential endings for Lu'Mi. Give pros and cons for each, with a view to actually making a decision, once and for all, about where it is going!

Writing Tasks

1. Attempt a rewrite of Part 2 of Patience. The goal is to make Rob more of an active participant, instead of passively reading the information he needs. If this doesn't work, then I'll know it needs to be divided up and delivered more slowly.

2. Write the account of what happens to Lu'Mi, Davin, Cortan and Oin that night. By this, I mean, I stopped writing about a year ago, and left the characters in the middle of the afternoon. I haven't been able to keep writing, so it's time to set a small goal. Take them to the end of the night. (There will be alcohol...).

3. Write a draft version of Bevyn's story, with Kateb as narrator. Because I haven't done that yet, and it will definitely be important when it comes to deciding what POV I'm going to use.

4. Write one new scene for Sex Scandals. This should probably be a scene with the two new characters in, but it doesn't have to be.

5. Write one new scene for Questers. Any scene at all.

I think that turned out rather well. Five of each, planning and writing. That's going to be my new system. Instead of just whinging about stuff in my LJ, I'm going to try and keep updated as to where I'm at on completing my ten tasks. I don't think I should set a time limit for myself, however. That will probably add extra stress, and what with uni, I never know how much time I have.

But what do you think?

Do you think I should update at whim, as normal? Or as I complete a task? Or update regularly, and give progress reports? I think the structure of having 10 defined tasks to complete is going to be good for me. But how much structure should I enforce on myself?



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Apr. 24th, 2006 12:59 am (UTC)
I think your goals sound incredibly good and quite achieveable. Good luck with them! As for updating about them, do it when you feel the need.

Also, I'm afraid it is possible to grow out of stories. There were a couple I started when I was twelve and that I pretty much grew up with as a writer. I loved them, but I found I could no longer write them a few years later, purely because I'd moved on so much in a writing sense. The good news is that there's always something you can salvage from a story if you feel you've out-grown it, so it's not all doom and gloom.
Apr. 24th, 2006 02:02 am (UTC)

I don't think I've outgrown Questers. I think it's grown up with me!!! It's such a different tale to what it was then.

We shall see, at any rate!!!

I've been thinking of eliminating entire characters... But... I... I CAN'T!!!
Apr. 24th, 2006 04:34 am (UTC)
In all honesty Kayt, yours I found hard to critique; mostly because I enjoyed the story :P Not to say that it couldn't stand a few re-writes, but the rhythym of the first part was engaging and most of all, fun to read.

But I am glad to hear you agree with or at least are examining the passiveness of Rob in part deux.

Now I hear you say - so how do I fix this huh?

Well as it is you have committed the sin of infodump. Not to say this is a bad thing - sometimes you have to infodump - you just have to make it more interesting as you do it.

Rob is just sitting in front of a puta screen and reading, no matter how interesting the info he finds out, he's still being boring, and ultimately you are taking the reader away from the present story. And also this is a HUGE sci-fi cliche - to have him hack the files.

I think you can trim down a heap of the info that he finds out about Callie, personally I think it would be far more interesting to find out that her entire file is erased/blocked. The more mysterious you make her the better.

I can go on and on, but we have msn for that :P
Also updates are good! Kayt LJ is always spiffy!
( 3 comments! — Make Remark! )

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