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The Big Move

Yesterday the movers came. My Dad had got them on one day's notice, cos it was the only day they could come for a week.

So... we moved house. We moved five minutes from Chateau' l' Grandma. You go the short distance to the semi-major road, then a little distance down that. The a teeny tiny distance down the main road to the roundabout outside the shops. Then up the street. And we live at number 73. That's the 36th house on the right. It's a fairly major road and there is a bus stop right outside our house! It's the 315, a bus that goes all the way to town!!! YAY!

The two rooms at the front of the house belong to my Grandmother. That's her bedroom and her loungeroom. There's also an ensuite for her, and we'll install a kitchen (unless the building inspector calls. Then it's not a kitchen. "It can't be a kitchen! There's no oven or stove!" we shall declare. "What microwave? Oh! That's a microwave? We were told it was a TV!" And so on and so forth...).

Then, (let us walk uninterestedly past the laundry- and mind the step), we have the Five Cavities of Doom!!! These five cavities are on the left, while the kitchen is on the right. The trouble with the five cavities is that I can never remember which ones are doors. It goes Door-Fridge Hole-Pantry Door-Fridge Hole-Door. It's veyr confusing, and I often find myself misjudging which one I'm supposed to be turning into, or going into the pantry, thinking it's corridor. Or missing door one, cutting my losses and going to door two. Anyway, the kitchen. I don't like the handles on the drawers and cupboards, but we're redoing the kitchen anyway. THe kitchen is kind of in the middle of the living area. There's the corridor on one side (with the Five Cavities of Doom), and on the other side is our dining room. There's a little corridor, linking the two, behind the breakfast bar. We have a breakfast bar!!! Yay!

The kitchen has no walls at all, save for one thick brick column. There's a fireplace on the other side of that. We're going to remove both (if the column-wall is not load-bearing). Anyway, on both sides of the kitchen, there's a little step down to the loungeroom.

Take a moment to be impressed by the ginormous walk-in pantry (we've never had so much as an ordinary pantry, so we're impressed), and we'll go through the first of the five cavities- Door Number 1. On your left, straight away, the Fraternal Unit's new room. On your right, a linen cupboard. Straight ahead, the bathroom. Turn right before the bathroom and the next door is my room. It's not very furnished yet, but more on that later. Then, at the end of the corridor, there is a toilet, with a little sink in the room! How cute!!! Then, on your right, linen cupboard. On your left, small passage (with linen cupboard on one side- seriously!) leading to the Parental Unit's bedroom. With ensuite.

Back out, past linen cupboards 2 & 3, we come back out of the corridor, via Door Number 2: the Fifth Cavity of Doom. And that's my house!

The carpets are all blue. The bathrooms are all brown. The front and back yards are both enormous and there aren't any fences yet. We've put some makeshift protection up to stop the little doggies and midget rat from escaping. It's not that big, as houses go in our area. But after living in my Grandmother's itty bitty house for nine months... it's HUGE!!! We keep getting lost!!! I don't know where I am half the time!

Anyway, about the moving. We moved some stuff over the weekend and on Monday, but the big move was yesterday. We took the dogs to see the place on Sunday. Bad Toby (or bipolar, anxiety-suffering Silky Terrier, got so overexcited he pooped in my brother's new room!!!) And poor little Josie the toy-poodle (near-blind and partly lame) had trouble with the two not unsizeable steps. I mean, they're not huge, but she's only a little muffin. She fell several times and now is afraid of them. The midget rat wussed out and clung to the Grandmother.

Anyway, I was home yesterday when the movers came, but I went to work shortly afterwards (and easiest $51 I ever made, might I add. 6 kids, 6 staff. Go teachers' strike!). My Dad was at Bunnings in Tuggeranong when I finished work, so he swung by and picked me up. We went to the old house to get some stuff, including the midget rat, and we drove to our new house! All the big furniture was in place! Yay!

My Dad and I tried to assemble my bed! I think we did quite well, actually. It's tricky, and I had to re-identify the pieces, cos most of them don't have numbers anymore. We got two bolts from victory before we stopped. A few more trips to the house, to get essentials like linen and the other two dogs (Josie still blind. Toby anxious as hell), and clothes. And underwear. I went on one trip, my brother on the next: and that time they came back with food!!!

So we ate yummy takeaway goodness, and watched Star Wars (old Star Wars not crappy new one). We stopped halfway through, the Grandmother (who was tired and in massive leg pain) went to bed and the Paternal, the Fraternal and I went to finish building my bed. We got one of the two bolts in fairly easily... But then... ONE LEFT AND WE WERE MISSING A PIECE. A tiny thing needed to hold the bolt in place, on one corner of the matress frame.

Couldn't find the damn thing anywhere. And what with everyone being so stressed, we cut our losses, decided it was safe enough and just shoved the mattress on, as was. Then the fraternal and paternal went to the old house for more stuff. By then, I was so stressed I cried. Luckily, the last load had included Snowy, my faithful teddy bear. So he sat on me for a while. Then the two of us went into the loungeroom. The Maternal was on the phone to her own Fraternal. But I found a box marked "Kate's Fragile". So Snowy and I opened it, and went on a long trip down Memory Lane. All my ornaments (at least, the breakable ones) were wrapped in newspaper. I played a fun guessing game, by which I felt them first to see if I could guess what was in there (and I had a fairly good success rate! Yay Me!) Snowy didn't help me at all! Slacker!

I don't have any furniture in my room yet (I need the bed in place properly first), so I stuck the assorted things in one of my two built-in wardrobes. Then we Fraternal went to bed, the rest of us finished watching Star Wars (turns out Darth Vader and Luke are like, related or something) and by then it was 11:30! So tired! I had a shower, but oh no! No plug that fitted the bathroom sink. I went on a frantic search (in silence: everyone else was in bed), for one that fitted. I found one that fitted well enough that the water drained out slowly. So, thankfully, I could shave. MUST... SHAVE... NIGHTLY... Ahem...

Anyway... I had to make my bed, which is still towards the middle of the room. It was already midnight then, so Snowy and I went straight to bed.

My bed was good. I've been sleeping on a spare for the nine months at the Grandmother's place. I FINALLY have my bed back! It's a couple of feet off the ground, with storage underneath, and it's made of wood. The wood has this funny smell... It's not exactly a pleasant smell. You wouldn't go "Hmmm... nice smell". But it's my woody-bed-smell! I could smell the woody goodness. And my mattress is better than the one I've been using. By a MILE.

So, I slept good. I woke up early for uni.

Overall assessment of new home:
Bathroom and kitchen cabinet handles are GROSS. (Gold, Buneater... Gold...)
My bed is woody and good! (But probably not 100% safe...)
The place is big, daunting and confusing. And a bit empty. (Having said that, big is good)
Blind Josie keeps crashing. The poor muffinpop!
It doesn't FEEL like home yet.

And did I mention no internet or phoneline at home? No phone... no internet... Outside world, where are you!!! At least I have uni and work where I can go online and see everyone.

Hi guys!!! Especially the LorFer types!!!



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Mar. 14th, 2006 11:35 pm (UTC)
I'm rather interested about these 5 cavities of doom and shall require a photo :P

Sounds awesome! I've never moved house and been helpful, so I don't know what it's like but it sounds like fun! Don't break your bed...

Mar. 16th, 2006 05:39 am (UTC)
When the house is a bit neater and finisheder... *winces* I will take photos of everything. Including the cavities of death.

And when I have broadband at hom (or indeed A PHONE LINE), I'll post them for you.
Mar. 15th, 2006 12:44 am (UTC)

Gold metal handles? Bleh! I'm grateful for the lovely wooden ones in my kitchen. Hopefully yours will be replaced soon.

I hate moving so much. I love the idea of being in a new place, but the move itself is so stressful. And my Timothy gets all pedantic about stuff and he's always wrong about where stuff should go (in my opinion) and I get all frustrated and it's just terrible. I don't want to move again, but of course, we have to. Twice at least.

May your phone be connected soon!

When I was at Beechy, the Ma was watching Revenge of the Sith and we were sitting there saying silly things like:
"Oh my gosh! I think that guy's like... the emperor!"
Anakin and Obi-Wan fight... "I think that Obi-Wan guy's going to die! Oh no!"
And so on. Very silly but lots of fun.
Mar. 16th, 2006 05:40 am (UTC)
Yes. Gold.

What the hell were they thinking?
Mar. 15th, 2006 06:16 am (UTC)
Gross colored bathrooms are the best bathrooms!

I love moving house - I do it so often, I can show my max-efficentcy-skills!
Mar. 15th, 2006 11:21 am (UTC)
Ohh, im glad it went mostly fine! :D

I like moving, i've done it quite a bit lately, and shall be doing it again soon...

The house sounds great!

I second Bunnes wish!

May your phone be connected soon! :D
Mar. 16th, 2006 10:16 pm (UTC)
this would mean you are living quite near the high school of death wouldn't it...

But yay for new house!!! Aren't they grand after living in cramped conditions for some time. I will be happier when my bathroom gets sorted out and I turn the caravan into a studio (less clutter in bedroom)
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