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Well, here I am back at the 'ol University of Death and Misery.

All: I say... that's a bit of an overeaction isn't it? Worse things happen at sea and all that...

Flit: How come we, the audience, seem to have the exact same speech rhythms as you? I mean... "I say" and "and all that..." I don't talk like that! Don't put your snooty English public school words in my mouth, you filthy libertine!

Buneater: I don't think I can ever recall the real Flit using the words "filthy libertine" either.

SILENCE!!! I will not be questioned in this insolent manner!

All: *shuffles feet* Sorry...

QUIET! I'm TRYING to whinge about the trials and tribulations of life as an undergraduate student at the University of Death!!!

All: The University of Death?

Yes! As opposed to the oft-mentioned University of Life. I think I'd probably prefer to be studying there, but alas...

All: You can't go to the University of Life. You don't even like setting foot outside your house and going down to the shops. Somehow, the chances of you going out into the world and gaining life experience seem remote.


*crickets chirp*

Thankyou! *squashes horrid cricketty bastards*

So, aside from repeatedly changing courses until I achieved a set of four classes with no lecturers of a psychotic nature (we can but hope lecturer 4 turns out okay), and calculating my bill for the semesters textbooks (Don't. Ask.), what have I been doing?

Anyone care to guess?


Anyway, for starters, I've become addicted to The Sims again. I've been making characters from my stories and turning them into Sims. Sim-Kate and Sim-Andy seem to think about nothing but having babies. They appear all around the neighbourhood with little thought bubbles over their head, thinking about babies. So, I complied with their request, but, and prepare yourselves for some disconcertion, they had much trouble conceiving at first. I was very concerned that the Bachelor of the Year was not performing...

Fifteen-Year-Old Stalker Groupies the world over have all just died of shock and devestation.

Anyway, The Sims really isn't a family friendly game. Sim-Callie has the ambition to "Woohoo" with twenty of her fellow Sims (though full credit to Maxis for giving her the chance to "Woohoo" with those of either gender). BUT Sim-Callie's perversion does not end there. Her lesser aspiration is to "Woohoo" with 5 "Service Sims" (having so far added the guy who delivers the groceries and the maitre'd at the local restauraunt to her achievments). As if that weren't bad enough, she frequently informs me, through her thought bubbles and aspiration chart that she wants to once again "Woohoo" in public! Shocking! Deeply shocking!

Simly goodness aside, I've also been working quite hard on the NEW IMPROVED Morgan Story. I really must change the name, what with it no longer being set within the confines of the Morgan.

I have kept the slightly sci-fi situation, but added some back-story and political stuff to make the universe of the story more real than the one I created all those years ago. I've fixed the setting in a very grimy, rusty, ugly sort of colony, which is working very well. I've kept most of the old characters, but many of them have had their personalities altered a little or a lot.
This won't mean much to any of you (it'll definitely have meaning for The Sophie, though), but make what you can of it, I guess. It proves I'm doing something, at any rate.
Erin is angrier. She's still confused about most things and completely unsure of who/what/why she is. But before, she used to turn all that confusion in, and now she seems to be turning it outward, and taking her confusion out on others.
Carroway is still the same old self-serving, backboneless, arrogant posterboy for mediocrity, but he's more malicious now, too. He's not just pathetic now, he also seems keen on making others as pathetic as he.
Cammie's personality I've defined more too. I never really fleshed her out. She was just bubbles and sunshine and occasionally desperate. Now I know more, and am better at this, I've done better things with her. The intelligence seems to be coming out more, and she's developed an excellent sense of tact, and adapting herself to her situation. Which, I guess, now I think about, makes her a kind of polar to Callie, who has no tact at all, and never changes. Cool!
As for Callie... she was already the most complicated character I've ever created (although now I have Kate and Andy, who could each give her a run for her money). This new Callie is interesting to work with, though. She's only had a few lines so far, but she seems more coarse... more... dangerous, I guess, then the old one. The old Callie was without tact, shame and decency, and she was drastically insane, but, if this makes sense, she seemed harmless. Well, not harmless... but she wasn't scary.
The new Callie, I like very much. It was all just writing itself, underneath my fingers, and she scared poor Rob half to death in about six lines of dialogue. I guess she's more subtle now, too. She's wild, and shameless, like I said, but she's also capable of just quietly threatening in a much more non-specific way.
And as for Pie (now with the respectable title of Mr. Pie): Same old Pie, really. Commands respect for no apparent reason; judges characters well; turns a blind eye, as long as everything runs smoothly. Sophisticated chap, really.
And as for the big change:
Rob had no personality at all before, and doesn't have much now. But he's been the most drastically changed (in terms of his role in the story), so I'm still getting used to the new him. I've been trying stuff out, and when I find something I like, I'll stick to it, and alter the first draft accordingly.

Wow... what a ramble. It was very helpful to me while I was writing it, though. It's good to get this stuff down on paper sometimes, so you can really see where you're going and what you're doing.

That's all really. You're probably bored, anyway... I had a LorFdream, so I'll do my best for you lot.

Pip pip pip!


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Feb. 21st, 2006 05:14 am (UTC)
AHAHAHAHA at Sim-Andy.

Feb. 21st, 2006 07:04 am (UTC)
It would be about right wouldn't it. Bachelor of the Year having those problems.... Damn I hate irony sometimes...
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