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The revised cast...

Well, as this is my first entry for the New Year, and since my last year was filled with interesting upheaval, it is time once again to emulate the katiefoolery and present to you the "cast" of this LJ.


The Kayt:

I, your author, am soon to embark upon my third and final (THANK GOD) year of a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Political Science and History. I hate uni with a burning passion that blazes hotter than two very attractive chillis making love in a fryingpan on a Mexican beach in the summer. As such, over the next year, you, the reader, will encounter many a deranged rant and expression of hatred as I hurl abuse at uni, lecturers and, most often, the modern practice of essays as assessment. Essays are the product of Satan.
Uni is pretty much a way of getting a shiny piece of paper to help get jobs in the future. My real passions are writing and drama. I write therefore I am, pretty much. I write novels, mostly. I have not yet mastered the art of brevity, a fact which the good people at life_or_freedom can certainly attest to. As for the drama: I love to act. For many of the same reasons as I love to write, really. I like to be someone else and have the feelings and even, sometimes, thoughts of someone else. Say I have low self-esteem or an identity crisis or that I secretly long to be a man, or whatever you want. I just love it, so there!
The other kind of ranting I do in this journal is political ranting. The Political Science major is not just for show, it's because I actually find the subject interesting, making the horrors of tertiary education just slightly more bearable. So, should I break into a semi-psychotic fury about some politician or other, you should probably just ignore it.
The Kayt works at the local arts centre, with the best job in the world, teaching creative writing or drama to teenagers.

Now, the supporting cast...

The Familial Units:
The Kayt lives with four familial units, in a house with four bedrooms and only one bathroom. They are all desperate to move somewhere else as soon as possible. There are also two birds, two dogs and a creature that has most of the genetic material of a dog coupled with a temprament straight from the depths of hell.

The Paternal Unit:
The Paternal Unit is a male caucasian aged 45-60. He works right across the road from The Kayt's University, and thus gives The Kayt rides to uni in the mornings, in exchange for a slightly illegal operation performed with a student parking voucher. "But everybody does it, Your Honour..." we shall declare with deep sincerity. The Paternal Unit is also the food-preparer of the household and is often very busy, a fact which impacts upon The Kayt at times, such as when he does not have time to give her driving lessons. He cooks delicious foods, and serves it in artistic ways, possibly because he should have been an artist, but isn't. He is responsible for getting The Kayt addicted to Sudokus, a crime for which she will hopefully one day get retribution.

The Maternal Unit:
The Maternal Unit, like the Paternal, is a public servant in the fair city of Canberra where The Kayt lives. This does not mean you should belive the stereotype that everyone in Canberra is a public servant. That's a malicious lie that just happens to hold up to the evidence in this particular case. Anyway, the Maternal Unit can't drive, so there are no lessons for The Kayt to be had there. Ahem... Starting again, the Maternal Unit has notably better fashion sense than The Kayt, particularly when it comes to colour matching, but still asks The Kayt for an opinion on clothes, which strikes as a somewhat ill-advised idea. She has an evil medical practioner who has banned her from the consumption of both gluten and lactose. Wheat and Milk! *shakes head in horror and disbelief*

The Fraternal Unit:
The Fraternal Unit, who lurks about the internet in the manner of a thing that lurks, is also known as citizen_cam. He is three years older than The Kayt, and is going back to uni this year to become a teacher, due to an absence of gainful employment. He has done the odd contract work for the public service, but, you know, there's no basis to the aforementioned stereotype about Canberra, no siree. The Fraternal Unit is, like The Kayt, a writer of fiction. He also takes an extensive interest, like The Kayt, in politics. This just goes to show that no matter what they do, siblings are sometimes forced to have things in common, quite against their will.

The Grandmother:
The Grandmother (Maternal of the Paternal) had a heart attack in April of last year, necessitating the move in of the rest of the family. She spends much time in the lounge room, watching TV or reading books. She's quite well read and hip, enjoying Terry Pratchett and Douglass Adams. She also does a lot of washing, and drinks a lot of tea, often prepared by The Kayt. When The Kayt and the Familial Units move, she will have her own seperate flat. The Grandmother owns a "dog", better known to The Kayt as "The Evil Midget Rat Thing". The Evil Midget Rat thing is about ten inches long, with four teeth (one of which she managed to bite The Kayt with), and a penchant for barking hysterically at the slightest provocation. To the Grandmother she is a baby. To most, she is a cute, but slightly bratty little doggy. To The Kayt, she is the housemate from hell.

The Other Cast
But, The Kayt's life is not limited to relations with the Familial Units. She also has OTHER persons in her life, as follows:

The Sophie:
The Kayt's best friend (and one of her oldest!) is The Sophie. The Sophie lives about ten minutes walk away, which until The Kayt moves, is extremely handy for all concerned. She went to High School with The Kayt, and living close by, they used to go home from school together, The Kayt bitching at length about her best friend of the time. Despite this, they remain friends to this day, talking about writerly things, although primarily on the phone these days. The Sophie and The Kayt also work together, which is much cupcakes and ponies for them. The Sophie is a writer, and artist and an actor.

James, The Mighty Director of Doom:
James, the Mighty Director of Doom, is boyfriend to the Sophie, friend to The Kayt, and formally director of their theatre troop, as well as co-worker at the place of employment. He is off to become a drama teacher, which is good because he has a lot of experience as the Mighty Director of Doom, and honourary title which he shall retain. The above picture is tragically without his whip for whipping lazy actors with bad diction into shape. Actually, I'm full of crap. The Mighty Director of Doom is extremely good at making his actors behave WITHOUT shouting at them. He is also an artist, but The Kayt has not been permitted to see much of his work.

The Buneater:
The Eater of Bread Products, who can be found on LJ as katiefoolery, is The Kayt's techie, responsible for the coding of this LJ style, and forcing The Kayt into the twentieth century by nudging her until she do such things as get herself a bloody photobucket account already, or, indeed an LJ. She nudges in a subtle manner, but we're onto her. On the other hand, The Kayt (with assistants) got her own back by making The Bunly One a LorFaddict. Bunne (whose name, you may have noticed, can take many forms), is a writer. I have pictured her with an umbrella, as she shelters me, umbrellalike, from the rain of code that sometimes descends upon me.

The Kayt is a proud member of Obernewtyn.net, a fan club for the some books called the Obernewtyn Chronicles. Most of her best friends she met through Obernet (or met Obernet through her). When she refers to "Obernet" or "Obernetters" this is what she is talking about. The Kayt is also a member of the Wanderer Guild at Obernet, a wonderful guild of those who like TimTams, Dual Flush Toilets and keen on gathering Elephant Priveliges.

Your Life or Your Freedom is a writing project that began at Obernet. It has now grown to absolutely enormous size. The Kayt moderates the LJ community and is an absolute LorF addict. You can (and should) learn more about LorF at life_or_freedom.

Of course, those are not the only people in The Kayt's life. There are also other friends, extended family and such. Honourable mention to inhumelesnt, for being the only remaining good friend of The Kayt who is not a member of Obernet.

Pip pip, wot wot!!!


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Jan. 11th, 2006 11:03 pm (UTC)
Well, I just read through all of it and while I don't really have anything to say - meaningless or not - I figured i'd comment cause i'm a comment whore and I like to reimburse people.


Is Sophie a member of Obernet? Cause you said inhumelesnt is the only remaining good friend who isn't a member of obernet...

Jan. 12th, 2006 01:20 am (UTC)
He's the only remaining one who didn't get a profile on the cast list, because I don't talk about him in my journal that much.

That's why I said "the only remaining" and not "the only"
Jan. 12th, 2006 01:47 am (UTC)
Ahh, see I read that as all your other friends had joined Obernet...
Jan. 12th, 2006 12:44 am (UTC)
I still say my South Park guy looks more like George Michael. I guess I'll have have to have faith...
Jan. 12th, 2006 01:19 am (UTC)
Well, you gotta have faith...
Jan. 12th, 2006 02:47 am (UTC)
I like all the pics of your family! South Park rocks!
Jan. 12th, 2006 06:54 am (UTC)

Bah. BAH.
Jan. 15th, 2006 11:34 am (UTC)
*dances about under umbrella*

Lovely cast, good Kayt. If I ever meet any of these people of yours, I shall expect them to look exactly as they do here, right down to your grandmother in a blue nightie with a lace trim. :)
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