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A flying update!


Okay, so what gave I done???

Well, first we went to the Cadbury Factory. I was in heaven. And um... I believe I may be a chocolate fantasist. There's no point in denial any more. I am a sick chocolate fantasist. Laugh all you want, LorFers, but you won't be laughing when I set fire to your school buses and get voted Bachelor of the Year, will you.

Non-LorFers: What the hell are you talking about?

Kayt: Never mind...

Anyway, we didn't actually see them making much chocolate, but we saw the factory floor, and there were free samples so YIPPEE!!! And Jen and I had our pictures taken with a chocolate bunny!

Beds: Real ones.
Roommate: NONE!!! A few people in the same building. A nice German girln who talked politics with us...
Bathroom: Pretty reasonable.
Kitchen: Oven didn't work.
Lounge: Free Internet!!!

Anyway, we left that afternoon for Queenstown.

Queenstown is a very touristy town, surrounded by beautiful snowcapped mountains. The scenery is lovely, but ultimately, how much scenery can you look at, eh? We were staying in a pretty adequate place, though the first night we were there it was full of Contiki people with the loudness and the drinking. Also, stairs! Bloody stairs!!!

Beds: Not great.
Roommate: None!!!
Kitchen: Huge and empty.
Lounge: Pool table again. A free phone. That's about it.

The next day, we went on a daytrip to Milford Sound, which is a fiord! Pretty... we took lots of photos, we saw waterfalls and mountains. Lots of mountains. Did I mention mountains? To get there, the coach had to go down a massive tunnel in almost pitch black...

I'll put photos up of the mountains, when I get home. It was very pretty, if a TAD repetitive. We saw more penguins and seals, too!

The next day, we went on a Lord of the Rings Tour. Excuse me a moment...

I'VE BEEN WHERE FARAMIR'S BEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a number of geeky photos from our halfday trip to Lothlorien/Amon Hen/Fangorn, Ithilien and Isengard.

I've been where Faramir's been... I'll never wash my shoes.

Then, we went up the gondola, a big box on a cable. We went on the luge. I have developed a real taste for luging, in which you sit on a little cart and go careering down a track!!! Yay!!! That was seriously cool.

Anyway, the next day, we checked out and headed for Wanaka, which was a very short journey, and we were there at abotu 10:30. We proceeded to PUZZLING WORLD!!!

We went into the various cool illusion rooms. One had faces that followed you round the room in a creepy way. One had everything on a tilt, that made me very dizzy. One was a forced perspective room, and from outside, one of you looked big and the other small (when 2 people went in together). I haev photos!

Now, a short detour into an unusual and slightly obsessive passion of mine that you may not be aware of...

I'm rather a conniseur of public toilets. I like to rate and review them.

The public toilets in Puzzling World include a Roman frieze, where you can take a picture of yourself in a Roman toilet. The toilet seats are all decorative in the toilet proper. It may alarm you how many pictures I took of this particular public convenience.

Anyway... after the illusion rooms, we traversed the maze, which is on 2 levels and very tricky. It's supposed to take an hour and a half to find all four towers (in the right order) and then get to the exit. We reckon we managed it in an hour: or at least so Nusha's watch said. Go us!!! Then we went to the cafe, and played with the puzzles.

I spent two hours. Most of it on a single puzzle. But I got the little bugger. I bought one, so now I can torture others with it.

Beds: Meh.
Roommate: None, again!
Kitchen: Crowded.
Lounge: Hehe. Scrabble and a puzzle. I won scrabble (JUST!!!!!)

The next day, off to Christchurch again. We drove through Rohan. Yay!!!

Anyway. I'm running out of time here. I'll continue this account next timeI get online (which, truth be told, may not be until I get back!)

Bye all!!!

Pip pip pip!!!


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Dec. 5th, 2005 05:34 am (UTC)
Wot fun!

*snaffles Faramir for herself*

I expect to see all of the geeky photos in all of their unadulterated glory!
I misses you both heaps! But keep on the lookout for several untamed buff kiwis to capture and bring back for us LorFers!
Dec. 5th, 2005 08:02 am (UTC)
Good Kayt, you should see the toilets at Doncaster Shoppingtown - they're just amazing. There's a circular room of sinks and they're all sparkling clean with a dark, shiny surface. I can't remember much of the actual toilets themselves, but the sink-room just looked so damn classy. Since you're such a connoisseur, I thought I'd share. ;)

*waits for pictures*
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