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Right. Is 10:27pm on the 21st of November.

Tommorrow morning I leave for Sydney. Then Wednesday, bright and early, I'm off to New Zealand, with flippyfrog and Dk Fernado: Secret Agent!

You all know I have quite the internet addiction, and I'm also quite the traveloguist, so I'll be updating here whenever I get the chance, so you'll all know what's happening.

And as you can see, Andy's strategic bit is very much in favour of that plan...

Ahem. Found that icon the other day while doing some admin for life_or_freedom and I have no memory of making it. I know it's one of mine though, cos it's clearly been made in paint.

Anyway... those of you expecting postcards, expect postcards. Those of you expecting the gift of a Buff Kiwi (Hi emerald85!!!), expect a Buff Kiwi. Melbourne Obernetters, see you on December 10th!

About New Zealand
We will be flying Air New Zealand, from Sydney to Christchurch. We will spend our first night in Christchurch, before going to Dunedin, where we plan on seeing Larnach Castle. A CASTLE!!! Yay! And also a chocolate factory.

That's our first few days, anyway. I'll tell you what's going on as it goes on.

Buneater: Hey! This is supposed to be a Writing Diary!

Kayt: And I'm writing in it. What more do you want?

Buneater: *pout*

Fine!!! I achieved my 50 000 words of LorF, and since then, I've mostly been doing admin stuff. For those of you not LorFalicious, the project has its own wiki (a site that allows you to create a database with the use of the wikipedia software). Thanks to The Grand High Pumbah of the Wiki, rigel_7, it's starting to get very organised and impressive. It's becoming quite comprehensive. I've been providing her with some support for that, and dutifully updating my own section on Kate and her supporting cast. I even made them "portraits" on the South Park Character Generator (the one I used to make the Andy-icon). I'm a good little Wiki-er.

And today, to make things easier and get all our myriad LorFing material in one place, I created a Photobucket Account for all LorFers to share, so they can upload their icons, portraits, fan-art, cartoons, sketches and various other LorF-related pictures. Everything is starting to get very organised. This is good, since LorF is getting bigger!!!

Well... I best be off, wot wot!!!

But, my parting gift, so that the Non-LorFers can see just what I get up to...

Here's a picture of my character, Kate.

Isn't she a darling? Aw... now I kinda feel I've defamed her. She's not quite as deranged as she looks!

Yanna: *cough cough*
Kate: Bite me, you blood-sucking journo!!!

Here's the one of her after the War, when she's saner and has "pretty hair".

See you in New Zealand, flist!!!



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Nov. 21st, 2005 10:14 pm (UTC)
See you in New Zealand, flist!!!

Plendiferous! I expect constant updates, with non-stop references to buff Kiwis, which may optionally be supplemented by ironic pictures of a certain fruit which shares a certain name with a certain epitome of buffness.

All: Wot?

Just... forget it.

Anyway, have fun, be inspired, and see you on the tenth! Huzzah!

(I don't remember seeing that after pic of Kate. She looks like she's missing her guerilla warfare days, if you ask me.)
Nov. 22nd, 2005 11:33 am (UTC)
OOh yes many pictures are expected. I shall be looking out for stories on the news where three young aussies are arrested for stalker like behaviour on a kiwi military base...

Have fun!

and negotiate us some more weaponry!
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