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August 1st, 2011

I aint'nt dead...

Hello All and Sundry!

So, I realised I haven't posted in forever. I have been reading my friends list though, so rest assured, I am up to speed with your life, even if you have no idea what's going on with mine. I have the following remarks to say about various people. If you think one of them is about you, just assume it is, because it doesn't hurt to hear nice things and take on advice.

1. You are extremely talented and there is absoultely nothing wrong with you. All the great geniuses in history probably felt like they were weird because they didn't seem to think like everyone else. You have a unique mind and that is something to be proud of. Please post more of your photos, knitting and other artwork, because I love to see it. I wish you would believe in yourself.

2. I hope that everything is okay with you. You seem unhappy, and I hope you are merely venting frustrations and not seriously depressed. Remember to ask someone for help if you need it, and if you ever want me, I'm here.

3. I think your discipline in using your new blog is admirable, and I am very jealous. I have decided to emulate you, and I hope to be posting regularly from now on. We'll see. Your photos are so interesting and beautiful, but I do miss your writing!

4. CONGRATULATIONS!!! The ring is beautiful! I like the two different coloured stones, especially.

5. STOP PANICKING!!! A woman of your talents is certain to get a job! Just relax and don't worry about it so much. It is only giving you stress, and you don't need that.

6. I'm glad your son is doing so well! Best wishes to everyone and don't let you know who get you down!

7. DON'T WORK SO HARD!!! I'm very afraid you're going to get ill, with the schedule you keep. The same goes for your sister. PS. I admire your positive attitude though! Your posts make me smile beccause nothing seems to get you down for long.

As for the rest of you:

8. HELLO!!!

Tomorrow (or maybe even later today!!!), a post about what's going on with me. But first, a quick poll:

Am I:

a) Getting Married?
b) Moving Out of Home?
c) About to Start a Job?
d) Pregnant?
e) Getting My Novel Published
f) All of the Above?

No prizes for guessing correctly, and those who know, don't spoil it for those playing at home.

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