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2 Weeks To Go!!!

Today I went to a Team New Zealand meeting at Ye Olde Shopping Centre. We had iced-chocolate (except DK Fernando: Secret Agent, who had hot) and Subway. flippyfrog assisted me to get a Commonwealth Bacnk account, because my Credit Union sucks. I'm sure the helpful lady was very entertained by our Zany Antics. And NO FORMS!!! Just my signature, twice. I can handle that!!!

Then we looked at shoes for the flippyfrog. Then I bought a nice purple hat, despite my claim that I would spend no money. But the hat rules!!! Then I got my haircut, while the other two went off to get more shoes. Thanks to flippyfrog, I got my hair cut more interestingly, because I've had the same hairstyle for years. I now have the Awesome Hair of Joy. I shall F-Lock a post above this, showing myself and my hair in the hat!!!

Then we kinda went to catch the bus.

No doubt flippyfrog will also write about the interesting man on the platform who was... shall we say... making his own entertainment. Prudish Kayty was shocked, and DK Fernando did well and took our advice not to look, so she simply looked confused while flippyfrog and I laughed hysterically in shock. I mean... how long can you go on? Jesus!
He was in a thoroughfare the Youth take to get to the Youth Centre. Kids kept walking past (we're talking 15-17 here), directly past him. And then they'd turn around and look, and make a variety of disgusted faces, or giggle.
In the end, as it was nearly 3:00, and time for the little kiddies to arrive, we reported the unusual and deeply self-interested fellow to security. It was... er...
Disturbing is the first word that springs to mind.


Really must learn to drive. The creepiness is much less.

Well, pip pip, anyway. I have 3 700 words to write, so I'm off to do that now. Wot wot wot!!!


Nov. 8th, 2005 09:27 am (UTC)
You're making me want an actually good hair cut, but that would involve actually good hair and that's somewhat impossible...

Eh *shrugs*

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