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Ya'll know how I love a good essay.



Is 9:16.

Ready. Steady. Go.

10:21am: Forgot my text book and have just returned from a visit to the nice-accented English lecturer in order to obtain photocpies of the relevant chapter. Full of statistics and theories about genocide. Was handy too, as while he photocopied, he dicussed genocide in democratic nations with me. Most helpful. Wordcount = 0.

11:03am: 284 words. Crap words. Plarge.

11:43am: From now on, I'm couting downwards. It's more satisfying. And I'm counting from my minimum length, which is 2250 words, too. So. 1598 words to go. Yippee! I've spent a nice sized paragraph defining the meanings of "nationalism", "democracy" and "genocide". Not only word-filling, but actually rather essential to the essay. Woohoo!

12:26pm: Right. I've got a paragraph on definitions, a paragraph on nationalism and genocide, using the Armenian genocide of 1915-16 as a case-study. I've got a dodgy paragraph on popular mandates which I'm about to read over and see if I can fix it. Not too shabby, overall. 1299 words to go. And I've yet to use my other two case studies (Nazi Germany and Yugoslavia), so they'll certainly fill in words!

1:05pm: Take that, Essay of Doom! I just shunted in a very decisive paragraph on how genocide doesn't take place in liberal democratic states. This leaves me with a mere 881 words to go. Now for a brief toilet break, then straight back to it.

1:37pm: Good. I managed to include some stuff on genocidal rape and forced pregnancies. That really is very relevant to nationalism, but I couldn't find anywhere to put it until now. Besides which, I feel obligated to mention it. Genocide isn't just killing. Still, that leaves 519 words to go. And only an Intro and Conclusion left to do. Excellent. This is actually turning out quite well. Huzzah!

1:58pm: Right. I need a Conclusion then. Piece Of Cake. I've concluded quite a lot of things. If anything, the difficulty will be in summing them up coherently. 324 words to go, anyway. Go me!

2:17pm: Again, 4 hours. It must take me 4 hours to write an essay. There you have it, then, I guess. I have now written 2260 words, which is just within the 10% margin. That's that. I'll do my bibliography, then, I guess.

2:53pm: Right. It's been bibliographised, proofread, printed and it's all ready to be handed in. 1 hour, 7 minutes early. Huzzah! And, unless I decide to skip that exam and do the essay, which I'm not likely to do, that concludes my essay writing for this year. Hot Damn!

3:00pm: Mu stomach is making lots of noises! It's rebelling!!! I better go hand this in and get some food. Haven't eaten all day, or even left this desk except to visit the nice-accented lecturer, go to the toilet, and collect my printing. Sheesh!


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Oct. 25th, 2005 01:58 pm (UTC)
nice work on the essay tackling kayt *grins* good luck with it!!!
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