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A Succession of Random Facts

I'm bored, but I don't feel like writing an entry out. Plarge to that!

1. I fell asleep in the library when I was supposed to be studying.

2. I was gonna go get some sugar but I saw a computer just SITTING HERE, unoccupied, so I thought I'd go pass some time before the Paternal Unit finishes work. I'll vacate and get sugar eventually.

3. I got little to no work done today.

4. My lip balm is berry flavoured. I think I may have become addicted.

5. It rained today.

6. I was looking out the window, and I was amazed at all the greenery. Surely the drought must be getting better if everything is so damn green!

7. I was the only person in my tute today who had independently sought out the new anti-terrorism legislation on Jon Stanhope's website and read it. I find that sad. Don't people CARE about potential loss of liberty? These people are Political Science students, for goodness sake! I know it's long, but no one even skim read. Tut tut, I say!

8. I really must go to the doctor.

9. I'm so tired!

10. Apple juice, while sugary, is not sugary enough.

11. LorF has been extremely busy lately, even though not many people seem to be writing. Maybe it's just emerald85. She puts us all to shame!!!

12. My coat is red and furry!

13. It's times like this, I wish I lived on ressies. Then i could just walk across campus, and there my bed would be! Imagine that!

14. Yesterday at work, the muffins were horrific!!! I think we should introduce stick-beatings as a form of discipline, I really do. Even always peppy Super-tutor Matt was mumbling stuff like "shut up, you little shit" under his breath.

15. It's 4:43 and I wanna go home!!!

16. The sound of lots of people clacking away on their keyboards it's actually rather a nice sound. I find it kinda relaxing... I'm listening to it now. Very pleasant.

17. My phone, Beryl, has a shiny purple cover, but I really ought to replace it. The plastic covering her screen is very lose, poor Beryl. I should definitely fix it before New Zealand.

18. I really must learn to drive.

19. These random pieces of information are getting more and more random as I go on.

20. I want sponge-cake.

21. I've run out of apple-juice. Con sarn it.

22. My neck is itchy.

23. So is my right foot. At least I can scratch my neck, but there's nothing I can do about my poor foot, on account of my boot is not easily taken off, and I am rather disinclined to take it off in the middle of the library.

24. Talking about my itchy foot may well have increased the itchiness. I think I'll attempt to scratch it.

25. No good. I tried rubbing the side of my boot against the computer chair in order to rub the foot against the shoe. It kinda worked.

26. i should really shut up.


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Oct. 21st, 2005 06:50 am (UTC)
well that really was quite entertaining gorgeous kayt :) lol i had a good chuckle :P i hope ur foot got scratched at the end of it!

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