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Not even the energy for a LorFboy...

Please hold all deliveries of pyromaniacal chocolate fantasists, as I already feel completely shagged out.

F-list: Thankyou for that altogether uneeded mental imagery. You couldn't have used a less torrid analogy?

Hey, I tell it like it is, okay. And I'm so buggered right now, I wouldn't even be able to muster a moment of enthusiasm for a half-naked Bachelor of the Year!

Andy: Which half?


Andy: Wow. You are tired.

It's only 1:00. But I had to get up early to go to uni, an experience I did not miss during my holidays! I was supposed to meet the two people (we shall call them Miss M and Mr. B)) in my presentation group for Politics at 9:30. But at about 9:00, Miss M called to ask if we could make it half an hour later. A tad annoying, because it meant I had nothing to do with myself until the meeting began. I suppose I could have done some reading for tutes, but I need a good period of time for that.

Instead, I hung around on LorF.

All: Surely not!

Anyway, at 10:10, Miss M and Mr. B arrived. They live together on campus, so obviously they came together. Anyway, we sat around and discussed, except...

Miss M was hungover. And I mean REALLY hungover. Our meeting was two and a half hours, and I SWEAR she was in the bathroom for more than hour, altogether. The rest of the time she was slumped over the table, shaking and making groaning noises. I've never SEEN anyone so hungover. And on a Tuesday morning, too. Christ!
Anyway, all my contact has been in emails or phone calls from her, and in class, Mr. B has always seemed very unenthused about everything, and even hostile towards Yours Truly. I was pleasantly surprised however, and he'd evidently done a lot of thinking. Between us we managed to nut out a fairly good plan for our presentation on Thursday. Bit of a bugger having our presentation first week of term, really.
Volunteering disease being what it is, I'm stuck doing all the handouts and overheads and organisational stuff.

Anyway, TWO AND A HALF HOURS we were in that room. I don't know what it was about it, but I feel totally buggered. I have to get all this work done for the presentation now, and I haven't done any of the readings for my tutes at 2 and 4. And you know what? I ain't gonna, either! I'm just too damn tired. I know I should have done them in advance, but the holidays were a pile of work and other commitments. Every time I planned to have a free day, the Boss would call and get me to do a show somewhere. Gah! We are his trained performing animals!

I've had lunch now anyway.

But I still feel so bloody knackered!


At least I'm not hungover, I guess...

Edit:I can afford to miss my tutes. I'm usually so good with going. I think I'll borrow some books on World Hunger for my presentation on Thursday, and go home to study.
I think I might be coming down with something. I've just realised that it's that kind of lethargy.

Gah! Stupid everything!


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Oct. 1st, 2005 02:38 am (UTC)
Hello the_kaytinator,
i saw something like this at http://www.livejournal.com/users/cankel/928523.html

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