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Essay #2

I think all the whinging really helped last time, so here I am again to keep LJ abreast of my essay writing progress.

It's not even 9am now. Hopefully I can get 2500 words of essay about Family First done by early afternoon. Hell, if I finish REALLY super early, flippyfrog and I can go to the movies. It's Tuesday, and all.

Then I can finally get started on LorF again! Hurrah!!! Yesterday I got a very challenging dare during the LorF Summit. I have to write a scene in which Kate bitchslaps Andy. This will be tricky, as I can't envision Andy saying or doing anything to warrant bitchslapping, and I can't see Kate doing it anyway. Usually just shouting at him is enough. Still, I've had a few thoughts about how it can be done. Perhaps I need clarification on the term "bitchslap". I'll ask flippyfrog when she calls.

And I have to get cracking on the 15 minute play I'm supposed to be writing for Flaming Biscuits. They're one of the theatre troops at work (The Sophie is their Director, and Almighty Master). I ran into one of them at the shops yesterday, and she asked how it was going. I told her, and my Boss I'd have it done by Monday, so guess the pressure's on now.

Well... I better get to work on this essay. This topic is much more interesting then the other, and the word limit much smaller, so it shouldn't be quite as challenging.

Wish me luck!!!

9:50: Have done some more reading and am about to start writing. Have just realised it's a triple barreled question. That means I only need about 600 words on each part of the question. 600 words on a conservative political party? Piss easy!!! The only challenge is not ranting angrily about homophobia...

11:04: Part 1 of the question came out at 907 words. A brief bathroom break and then I'll continue onto part 2 of the question. I'm making excellent progress. That was really easy!!!

11:49:AHAHAHAHAHA!!! Over halfway there!!! A mere 1139 words left to go! YAY!!!

12:19: Well... I was thinking I'd be here all day. But what with already having 1864 words, and only needing an Intro and Conclusion, I think I thoroughly deserve to be rewarded with a movie. I shall just telephone flippyfrog and let her know I want to write a conclusion and then we'll meet up. This isn't due until tommorow and I need to let it sit a while anyway. Ooh, goody! Cheap movie!


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Sep. 5th, 2005 11:34 pm (UTC)
Good luck, good Kayt! I was so tempted to come onto msn last night, after the good Flit's comment on the LorF thread at Ober.net, but I had an appointment with Pirates of the Carribbean and I knew if I LorFed, I wouldn't want to stop. (Also, I needed to fit some sleep in somewhere...)

Anyantelope - best of luck with the essay! I surprised myself and wrote a 2,500 word essay in about five hours on the weekend, so I think you might be seeing that movie this afternoon.
Sep. 6th, 2005 06:19 am (UTC)
Oh Gosh! Im so jelous! It takes me ages to write essays - unless i'm in an exam...

I dont suppose either of you wants to write my essays on Environmental Education or Intergrating Social Justice issues into the School curriculum?

What movie did you see?
Sep. 6th, 2005 09:52 am (UTC)
The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

**hums the Willy Wonka theme for the 50th time**

"Just a Flashback, i've been having them alot...recently...today..."

sorry, that line brought be back to LorF.... :P

I'm like you Em, essays take me a while, even if i like the topic. But that's because i have a ridiculous way of writing them which is very pointless and could easily be cut down to make my essay writing faster, but it doesn't work that way... bring on the CIT course where i don't have to do another essay again!! (or shouldn't, i hope, i need to find some wood....)
Sep. 6th, 2005 02:25 pm (UTC)
I hate essays at the best of times. and i write wayyyyy too litttle or i rant and rave and go rediculously off topic!!!
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