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A pre-essay writing update.

Right. It is exactly 10:00 by my mobile.

I have to be at work, a forty minute busride away, for my rehersal at 4:00 this afternoon. The essay must be handed in before that. You do the math.

I've got 2095 words of a 3500 word essay. And I've run out of things to say. Totally run out. There's nothing left that I can possibly talk about. This is made worse by the fact that there is nothing about Roman Foundation Myths that I don't hate right now. This is not an environment conducive to coming up with ideas.

I've bene researching this bloody thing for 2 weeks. I have a large stack of material, but nothing left to say!

Is it MY fault I'm so concise and eloquent? I can't help it if I have managed to contract the essence of the subject into a mere 2000 words.

All: Oh. Is that what you did?

That's my story and I stand by it.

In other news, in the bus on the way in, I went past a refrigerator truck labelled "Young's Chicken". There was a picture of two little chickens wearing human clothing and looking happy. I couldn't help thinking that perhaps the company was once called "Young Chickens", but they had trouble getting business with that name. Just a thought.

And I had a peculiar dream (which I'm sure will please anyone who wants to collect dreams for the Mystic's Moonfair competition). I shall post it up on dreams_exchange when I get a chance. It involved a school play, someone called Christopher Christopher, and the Fraternal Unit turning into a tiny garden spider, with whom I had to communicate.

It was trippy. Really trippy.

And yesterday I entered my first Moonfair comp. Go me! On the first day and all. It was jolly hard work though! Curse you Dreamweavers, and your increasingly difficult puzzles!!! This is a proper Moonfair, alright. I stress to get things done, but on the day it opens, I'm so excited! YAY! Moonfair!!!

Well... I guess I'd better get to work, huh? Wouldn't want to hand in my essay late and recieve remonstrations from the admittedly very nice lecturer with the boring shirt collection.

Bloody Romans...

Edited at 11:29am: 2601 words. Kill me. Kill me now.

11:38am: YOU ARE TAKING THE PISS!!! There are 2 sources over the page that I didn't see before! CRAP! TOTAL SHIT BUM CRAP BUM FUCK!!! AAAAAAAAARGH!!!

11:43am Sweet. One of them doesn't download. That's an excuse for not using it. Not that I need to give an excuse to my lecturer. But it's an excuse for ME, so that I feel better...

12:03pm: SOOOO hungry!!! Still, I've got 2663 words and I've done the bibliography and footnoted everything, so that's the really excrutiatingly boring part done. Now for the part that is merely extremely boring. I figure an Intro and Conclusion should complete this one. Then I'll reward myself with lunch.

Hmmm... I'm going to starve to death, aren't I?

12:38pm: Keeping in mind the 10% rule, I am would you believe, 68 WORDS SHORT OF THE BARE MINIMUM. Just. Bloody. Kill. Me.
I'm going to take a toilet break, return this book I got on 2-hour loan 1 hour and 56 minutes ago and then read over the blasted thing AGAIN.

1:15pm: Right. It's emailed to myself. It's saved on the desktop at uni. It's on my USB drive, and it's in hard copy. All 11 pages of it, sitting upside down on the desk beside me (it has to be upside down, otherwise I'm bound to see a greivous spelling error which will neccesitate reprinting. Better to live in ignorance). It's 3169 words of waffle. I don't care. My essays NEVER turn out to be as heinously bad as they think they are, so I'm just gonna assume it'll work out for the best this time too. I'm hungry. There's only two things left to do. First, I'm going to chuck all my notes and blasted printouts into the recycling bin behind me. Then I'm going to hand this bloody thing in.
And then FREEDOM!!! (Only not. I still have that 2500 word Politics essay. But that one will be more fun, I think.)


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Sep. 2nd, 2005 02:58 am (UTC)
Props to you for being able to pull it off! Which I know you will. I usually have the opposite problem - I write 7837457475 words too many and then refuse to compromise and cut any, haha. My two-page double-spaced college essay due for English tomorrow took some mad editing and rewriting to get down to two pages exactly. And I never rewrite, terribly enough, so it makes it even worse. :P
Sep. 2nd, 2005 03:22 am (UTC)
I almost always have trouble REACHING the word limit. And I never go over. Weird how it is for different people. Maybe it's just my psychological aversion to essays...

Thanks for the good wishes. Guess they helped!
Sep. 2nd, 2005 04:12 am (UTC)
I'm a WAY over girl too... i tend to write one draft nearly double the size without the quotes yet, scrap that draft and rewrite it just under the 10%over rule... i never know why i even bother writing the first draft, cuz i never ever use it, and barely use any of the ideas i put in it, but i must write the first draft.... waste of time, but there you go
Sep. 2nd, 2005 07:59 am (UTC)
I always have major problems reachign the word limit. I've actually given up trying. These days I'm practically never even within the 10%. Thankfully my lecturers don't seem to care that much, as I still get good marks. I jsut can't babble. But I'd be screwed if the lecturers down here started beign serious abotu the word limit...
Sep. 2nd, 2005 11:27 am (UTC)
I have a friend who always goes over the word limit, although this is probably not helped by the fact that she writes plans that are as long as the essay itself. I remember trying to convince her to cut down an entire paragraph detailing the ribbon on some man's cape in her Art History essay/exercise. Hah, she found out about the 10% rule and shoved it all back in again.
I wish I could be one of those over the word limit people. It would be exasperating sure, but not as much of a cause for desperation as realising that you're 800 words under the limit and you have 20 minutes left until you have to hand it in *hyperventilates at the very memory*. Whenever I get reallly desperate, I just turn to the good ol' passive sentences. Hehe, I've noticed quite a few 'academics' doing it too, so the thought that I am not alone consoles my utter distaste.
Smart of you not to go over it after it was done though. I have this constant image that if I read any last minute work, I'd cry bitter tears all over the page at my massacre of the english language and complete misunderstanding of certain concepts.
Ah well, sorry for the rant. I'm very impressed that you managed to finish it with such a good length too! Hurrah for being able to baffle them with bullshit, if not dazzle them with brilliance!
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