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Essay Madness

I sat down to begin my horrid history essay at 12:30, with the promise that I could take a break at 750 words. I have 903 and this is my break.

However, it's only a short one. Let me just say that as much as I love Roman foundation myths, this essay is singularly dull. I think it's the word limit. 3500 words? Insane!!!

In other news, I'm going through a block with LorF right now, which is probably for the good. The trouble with it is that it can be difficult to convey what is actually happening when I have to do it from Kate's point of view, because Kate is so insane right now that she doesn't register anything that's going on around her.

Oh well... after I finish my other essay (due Wednesday), I'll be on holiday. Then I'll give LorF a good hard slog. Unless I get distracted by Moonfair fun (certainly a possibility)!

My passport arrived yesterday, by registered mail. A tad inconvenient, as the Paternal Unit left for Sydney yesterday, so I had to make a bus detour to go get it, thus ruining my get home from work early plan. Ho hum. Still... now I have a passport, complete with dreadful photo. New Zealand, here I come!!!

Well... this is only a short break, as I said. So it's off to check the flist, and a brief sojourn to Obernet, and then back to work.


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