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Wheelings and Dealings

Well... crazy times.

Been super super busy and had a lot of fatigue on top of that. There have been lots of positives and also some major negatives these past few weeks, but I won't bore you with all the details.

It's been nice coming online every morning and every night to see what everyone else has been up to. I've had the odd MSN or Skype chat, but it looks like everyone else is just as busy as me!!! I've been getting all my gossip off Twitter, Facebook and here at LJ. So jealous of you all for leading more exciting lives than me!!!

I haven't been up to a great deal that's very interesting. I've spent time hanging with my "Plus One". Other acceptable terms for him are "Special Friend" and "A Pissy Little Bitch". He always answers to that last one. We're not wild about "boyfriend", so I'd appreciate it if everyone could try and use a less... expectation-laden... term. "That guy" is a good one.
Things are good and we've had a lot of fun. We see his friends quite often, primarily on weekends or earlier on in the evening. They're all pretty nice and they've been really accepting of me, which is great. But sometimes I think "wow... if certain of my homies were here, this party would be five billion times awesomer".

School hasn't started back yet. I wish it would!!! I'm bored and I miss all my friends from school. A lot of them are on holiday or taking the time to work, and some are home with their families interstate. I miss learning too, but I've been reading and doing a lot in my own time. I'll be going back part time next month. The job hunt has not gone very well, but I recently had a meeting with a lady from Centrelink. She's going to send me to a job placement thing, so I hope that works out. The doctor wants to limit me to about 20 hours or so a week, so I though perhaps three days might be good. Then I'll be at school the other two, which leaves me the weekend for funtimes!!!

My new game is planning the perfect round the world holiday. The rule is that money is no object, but no silly extravagances. I'm going with the best deals and looking at bargains, but not letting cost dictate where I go or how long. It's fantastic fun (especially on days when my computer doesn't feel like working!), and I just gawk at my travel magazines and imagine. I'll let you know what the whole thing ends up costing. Probably something like $50 000. Guess I don't get my own house for a while!!!

I've also been busy trying to get something organised around Plastic Reduction. There isn't any kind of group getting out there and taking action in the Real World. There's internet campaigns but I don't think that's enough. I want to start some kind of group to educate people about plastic and provide support and advice for people who want to cut down on their own plastic use. I thought Facebook maybe might be a start... Don't know yet. Anyway, I've started drafting up some letters to send to various companies to ask what they're doing about the issue, and others for politicians to ask what is being done legally. If anyone's interested, let me know.

MUST try and post more regularly. Probably won't. But I'll try.

Peace out!!!


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Jan. 28th, 2010 05:56 am (UTC)
Well, you've done better at posting regularly than I have :P

Hooray for job placement! Hope it goes well :)
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