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From now on, aerobics is my life.

Those are the doctor's orders.

Today I saw the rheumatologist and the junior doctor who appeared to be very much her bitch. The bad news is, I definitely have fibromyalgia. The worse news is that it is indeed incurable.

The worst news? To live a healthy life with fibromyalgia, achieving the sort of strength and stamina that any comparatively well person can expect to have, she recommends...

45 minutes of aerobic exercise four times a week. Not just any exercise. Aerobic. So I would have to include any muscle work, yoga or whatever ON TOP of the 45 minutes.

Given I can now do ten minutes without dropping dead, that doesn't sound like as much as all that. But it is. I reckon I know... one person who would be capable of that. Maybe. It's hard to say.

A positive attitude is also absolutely essential. If the depression is too strong an influence on my life, recovery isn't going to happen. That's that, apparently.

I'm to continue my ten minutes a day for the next month. After that, I am to graduate to 15. I have to stay at that level for at least 2 months before moving up to 20 minutes. She'll see me in 6 months, when I'm doing 20 minutes of aerobics a day.

Praise the Lord for the WiiFit!

She was a very brisk, authoritative sort of doctor. Her basic attitude was "You get heavily into aerobics and you show some enthusiasm, or don't even talk to me."

I'm up for it. I want this shit GONE.

How much aerobic exercise do you get a week? Have any of you achieved the 45 minutes four times a week? Any aerobic programs or exercises you can recommend? I like doing the step aerobics on the wii!

In other news, school is still awesome. But I'm becoming really interested in the science aspect of everything. I always hated science, but now I find it so cool. I'm thinking about zoology. But more on that some other time.

I've been very down lately. I've been intensely paranoid and getting the distinct impression everyone I know hates me. Which is ludicrous, but I can just imagine you all talking behind my back!!! Yes, you!!! *points dramatically*


So any comments of non-hateage and support would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully the slight meds increase I've been given will help with the paranoia.

Peace out!


Sep. 3rd, 2009 09:48 am (UTC)
*sends you lots of non-hate* =P

Yeah, agree with the dance class or the cardio dance stuff. Might be a bit more fun and social? And do you have to do 45 all in one go? Or can it be like 3 sessions of 15 min or something?

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