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Talk about typecasting.

Okay, so there's this actress called Molly Hagan. She does a lot of TV. She might be vaguely familiar to you. Whatever...


Anyway... I was at my brother's place today and his housemates were watching Bones. David Boreanaz and that equally hot chick whose name I can't remember were trying to convince a woman to give them the child she was holding. I recognised the woman from an episode of "Cold Case" that is one of my favourites.

I don't watch Bones, but I watched a little of the dialogue and I said to Mel and Terry: "Did she steal that baby". They replied that she did, and Bones and Angel (or whatever he's called) wanted to take him away for DNA testing.

This is weird shit, because of the Cold Case episode I remembered her from. So I just looked it up, and by God, it IS the same woman.

In a 2008 episode of Cold Case, entitled "Ghost of My Child", Molly plays Lois Rabinski. Long story short, she fakes the death of a baby and raises him as her own, until Our Heroes uncover the truth.

In a 2008 episode of Bones, entitled "The Bone That Blew" she plays Elsbeth King, a woman accused of taking a baby and raising him as her own. I didn't see the rest of the episode. Did she steal the baby?

If she did, I think the real-world police need to investigate Molly Hagan. Cos she's turning up all over TV-land kidnapping little boys and pretending they're her children. That is a typecast and a HALF.

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