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In which Kayt gets smacked down!!!

So, we're in class, talking about what groups we're going to form for our final presentation. Our teacher, Jackie, is not entirely in agreement with our assessment of our skills. We're supposed to say if we think we'd be good at research or leadership or presentation. We can pick more than one. Whatever. But she doesn't like our choice of groups, because she thinks some have too many "strong" people (ie, the ones who do best academically).

So she says "You want me to tell you what I think you're skills are."

We all hesitantly say yes.

Now... I would have gone to each person and said "you're good at blah..."

She didn't do that.

She started with researcher and said "Well, I think so and so is a good researcher. And Blah and Blah and Her and Her and Him and Her. And Her."

Then she moves onto presenting/oral skills "I'd say Blah, Her and Blah"

All three of these names are repeats (including me, I might add).

Then comes the totally hilarious lapse of tact.

She starts on who would be good leaders. "I think Blah and Blah are good leaders. And Blah."

Then cue a pause of about fifteen seconds while she thinks. Two people have not yet been mentioned. But then she says this.

"I think Kate's a good leader..." PAUSE "Whether she'd be liked I don't know."


The entire class (me included) has this "Oh no she DIDN'T" expression and then we all burst out laughing and she rushes to explain that she meant I'd be the sort of person who knows exactly what I want done and would make sure it was.

Which didn't really dig her out of the hole she was in.

She said I was bossy bitch and it's out there now! Ouch!!! SMACKDOWN RECEIVED!!! I was taken down a peg, without doing anything to deserve it!!!

But we all laughed about it and I DID end up becoming leader of my group, though I hate being the leader on assignments.

I'm not sure I'm offended or not. But either way, it was fucking hilarious!!!

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