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Stupid Day!!!

Today I had a Stupid Day!!! Don't know what my brain was doing!!! Actually, it was more of a Stupid Afternoon.

Apparently it was arsehole day today. Judging by the other motorists on the parkway. There were jerks in Holdens weaving in and out of lanes, I got beeped at twice while doing the limit. And this woman with an ugly, abusive expression screamed at me and gave me the finger. Why? Because I was doing a mere 105 in a 100 zone. Mellow out bitch!

My first class was Animal Biosecurity Procedures. We got to see the chickens and the retired bunnies living out in the yard. Then we learned about important definitions related to laboratory animals and the levels of security they're under.

The clique had lunch, panicking to a man! No one felt confident about the afternoon's test. After lunch, we had Biology!!!

SCARY!!! It's the class that requires the most work: a three hour class each week and at least four hours of study. We get a lot of points for it, though. We get to do lots of experiments in class, so I'm looking forward to that.

Then the test. I was in the half of the class doing theory first. I thought the theory would be my weak point, but I think I did well. There were a few things I didn't know and one question I SWEAR didn't make sense, but she said it did. So, I don't have high hopes for that one.

But then the prac. SO BEGINS STUPID AFTERNOON!!! I did fine at setting the microscope up for a clear image. Then I had to measure a white blood cell. Four times. I got it wrong four times. She just kept coming back and saying "Are you sure? Look again."

GAH!!! The worst part is that my maths was actually correct every time. The problem was my reading of the measurements when I was calibrating my microscope.

So, I choked. But a pass is 50% and I'm sure I did that.

Afterwards, I picked my brother up from his work. Three times I got beeped for not seeing the green light. And I even got into the wrong lane. I mean... in the wrong direction.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a Smart Day. I hope so. We have maths!!!

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