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Hola compatriots!!!

On Sunday evening, my friends Emily and Ellie had a pool party to celebrate their engagement. It was at the pool, though the weather was not clement. We had the place pretty much to ourselves though, and it was awesome going down the big slides. And no line!!! So the girls will be getting married in July, via the British High Commission. Then they'll have a civil union ceremony which is the best they can do in Canberra. Then there's a reception! Woo! Canapes!!!

I couldn't start my car to leave the pool, but Ellie, Emily and others stayed with me while I waited for the NRMA. He said it was the alternator.

So, today, my dad drove my car to a mechanic near his work and I took his car to school. Much zippier! BROOM! :P

My first class was Animal Industry Communication. We had a really fascinating discussion about animals level of conscious thought, anthropomorphism and how human interaction is not that different from animal interaction. Basically, this class will cover communicating in the workplace, specifically in the animal industry.
He also gave us a Myers-Briggs type personality test. I came up in the exact middle of two of the four scales, giving me four possible personality types. He told me to read about them and pick which one sounded most like me. I decided I am an ENFP or Clarifier. Look it up if you want. I could also be an INFP, an ENTP or an INTP. The E and I stand for Extrovert and Introvert and I can certainly swing wildly between the two. The T and F are for Thinking and Feeling, so I'm straight down the middle of that one too.

After lunch, we all had Laboratory Animal Husbandry. In the animal studies department live two dogs and two cats who roam about the place freely. Beautiful fat fluffy Angus wandered into our classroom, rubbing up against our legs and jumping up on the desks, sleeping on people's books. Kitties are awesome!!! Moo the dog actually greeted me first thing in the morning, as I had to go through the department to get to another block. What a sweetie!!! There's also a turtle, fish of course, crickets and stick insects. Then there are the lab animals.

In laboratory husbandry we will learn how to deal with the four kinds of animals we're mostly likely to encounter if we work in a research laboratory: rats, mice, guinea pigs and rabbits.

We were to start with rabbits, so we read up first and watched the video and listened to how we have to be careful and how these are lab animals and they don't have names, etc. Then we suited up in our hygiene gear before entering the rabbit room. And she grabs an enormous New Zealand White and gives it a smoosh and a cuddle and says "who wants a bunny!"

I shared my bunny with two new people I only met today. We had a 4 kilo baby bunny. she was so fluffy and cute and I think we were the only ones in the class whose bunny hadn't been in a fight. The new ones have only recently gone in, so there's been some jostling for position. We had real trouble with our bunny. She had barely been socialised at all, but we managed to weigh her and check her health. She was gorgeous!!!

And the biggest of the bunnies: seven kilos!!! A bunch of total fatties.

It was an awesome class. Both were awesome. So far, I love school!!!

Oh, and my car: the alternator didn't play up for the mechanic. So, it may or may not break down again. Who knows? We will get a new alternator, as this one has gone 180 000ks. But my rego is due soon, plus we need to get my textbooks and for lab animals alone it's over $200.

I really need to apply for Youth Allowance, but the form is so complicated that my father, who WORKS AT CENTRELINK can't fill it out. He sees the Centrelink CEO from time to time, writes some of his speeches. I said he should ask the CEO to fill it in. Silly department!!! At least they're not quite so rude in their offices any more.

I have a microscopy test after classes tomorrow and I think I'm ready. The maths was just horrific, but I got it right in the end and I've written up a few math questions for me to practice on in the morning.

Pip pip ya'll!


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Feb. 16th, 2009 08:49 pm (UTC)
You get to spend your study time with random animals! That's so brilliant! And it sounds as though you're continuing to enjoy this course, so huzzah for making a splendid choice!

And some more exclamation marks, because I don't feel as though I have used enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb. 16th, 2009 10:06 pm (UTC)
What's the point of a personality test where you just pick whichever one suits you? Isn't it more reasonable to have a result whereby it becomes clear THERE ARE MORE THAN FOUR TYPES OF PEOPLE???

Sorry. Personality tests annoy me.
Yay for fun school.
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