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Bipolar by Night

*The Kayt tosses and turns in bed, unable to get to sleep. She wants to dance but as it is 3am, this is ill advised*

*The Kayt plays with Mr. Panda, making him walk up and down the blanket*

*Ooh! Shiny light from External Hard Drive. Look at the blue! THE BLUE!!!*

Taqan: Go to sleep!

Kayt: What are you doing here, fictional character?

Taqan: You often conjure up a conversation with me when you can't sleep. It's my persuasive manner. I'll get you snoozing in no time, babe.

Kayt: Too kind.

Taqan: SLEEP!!!

Kayt: I can't. The world is too interesting and I'm off my face on serotonin. Hey look, a shadow on the wall!

Andy MacMillan: Taqan? Is she still awake?

Kayt: You? What do you want?

Andy: I want you to go to sleep.

Kayt: I can't. I'm crazy, you know that.

Andy: Could be worse. You could be crazier.

Cate Fernando: I say we beat her round the head with a stick until she's unconscious.

Kayt: That'll be fun to explain. "No, doctor, it wasn't self inflicted. My alter ego did it with her imaginary 2x4."

Andy: It's much too late for your imagination to be this overactive.

Callie Watson: 2x4! Round the back of the head!

Kayt: What? I haven't written about you in ages.

Callie: Tell me about it, bitch. I'm here to invade your psyche.

Cate: And when are you going to write some more LorF?

Kayt: You know, when there's this many of you, I think you begin to be less helpful.

Cate: Andy! She's neglecting us.

Andy: Yes, dear.

Taqan: Neglecting you? How long have me and mine sat there in hard copy, waiting for her red pen???

Kayt: Well, I can't work on anyone's story if I can't get some sleep.

Andy: Hey, don't blame us. We're all elements of your own psyche and this conversation is your imagination gone overdrive.

Cate: Is there anything to be said for a 2x4 to the head?

Andy: Sweetie, you're imaginary. You can't actually touch her.

Callie: I'm with Miss Cyclops. I say we knock her out.

Taqan: Perhaps chloroform...

Andy: Hello!!! We are FIGMENTS, people! We can't do anything!

Taqan: We can make pleasant conversation.

Cate: And empty threats.

Taqan: Why are you all here, anyway?

Andy: Felt like it.

Callie: Like you said, overactive imagination.

Cate: Why are you here?

Taqan: I'm the archetype she invented to represent her manias. This is me, this attack right here.

Cate: Well, I'm her alter-ego.

Taqan: You're a loony.

And so on and so forth into the night...


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Oct. 11th, 2008 01:03 am (UTC)
Well, when are you going to write some more LorF?

And honestly, this sounds like the nights I used to have when Jane wouldn't leave me alone. Sure makes for interestingly creative nights. Not so much with the sleep, though.
Oct. 11th, 2008 01:07 am (UTC)
You either need to take less drugs or more drugs. I'm just not sure which one...
Oct. 11th, 2008 04:24 am (UTC)
You always manage to entertain me -- and sometimes even amuse me! (smile)

I loved reading this...

Oct. 11th, 2008 12:32 pm (UTC)
at least there is multiple people to talk too :) alter ego's are nice :) hopefully you sleep tonite though :)
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