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The Games We Play

So, the Kayt is home most days and can't sleep. What, you may well ask, does she do with her time? Well, recently, I've been cleaning and baking and other useful things. But there's always room for free online gaming.

And so, for your entertainment and procrastination over the Christmas period, I offer you now a quick BEST OF from my bookmarked online games.

Part 1: Shooting Bubbles at Other Bubbles

My favourite kind of game. I'll try anything that involves shooting bubbles at each other. Here are my personal favourites.

Bubble Shooter
Shoot bubbles. Clear screen. Absolutely the simplest. I like to use this game to give my hands something to do while my head is on the phone. If you're playing to kill time and not to win, it's completely mindless. Just point at the right colour and click.

I am SO in love with Circlo. Games this addictive should be illegal. 25 levels of awesome. I've yet to win without losing a life, but I'm getting closer every day.

This game is a jerk, and a lot harder than all the others. But I'm determined to thoroughly kick its arse, so I keep playing. It's SO easy to die in this one, and there are no second chances. And the sound effects shit me.

Uber Breakout
Okay, not so much shooting as bouncing bubbles, but near enough. This is a variation on the traditional Breakout. There's a round playing area and loads of cool power-ups. I can't beat 300 000.

Part 2: NOT Shooting Bubbles

Traffic Control
It will make your brain EXPLODE. Keep traffic flowing through a grid system of roads.

An excellent point and click time-waster, with bonus cactus.

This one is a sort of logic puzzle, and actually needs the brain switched on, so not good to help you get to sleep. Fun though.

Tower Blaster
If I ever bought the full version of a game, this would be it. It's all a matter of sorting numbers. Give it a whirl and enjoy the little dudes who build the tower.

Four Second Fury
Once this thing beats you, there is a massive urge to pay it back. There are sequels, just as addictive. This game has a smart-arse attitude. Wipe the smile of its face, please.

Let me know if they addict you too!


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Dec. 13th, 2007 11:10 pm (UTC)
Well, I've never played any of them, but I'm betting I'll be playing at least one of them by the end of today...
Dec. 13th, 2007 11:21 pm (UTC)
Hey -

Thank you for the Christmas card w/ penguin bookmark. It made me smile when I got home hot and bad-tempered and having missed my tram stop and had to walk back.
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