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SO not cool...

Okay. So I recover from the incredibly awful flu, and what do I get?

The incredibly awful cold!

I hate everything.

Well... I've started Uni again, and it's every bit as dull as I remember. One of my politics lecturers appears to be psycho. I can't quite tell, I've only had one lecture, but right now, psycho is the image she's projecting. I may know more after today's lecture. I have the history lecturer I had last year. He still hasn't bought new shirts. He only has two. Once, last year, he wore a different shirt and my whole world came crashing down around me, so here's hoping that never happens again. My second politics lecturer seems alright. Nice and normal. No lectures this week for my final course, so I won't know about that one until next week.

What with evil uni, Harry Potter and the cold from hell, I haven't done any writing, and I'm deeply apologetic about that, but such is life, hey what! I NEARLY wrote some LorF yesterday, but then... well... didn't. I've also been busy working on some Obernet stuff, so that has obviously been the cause of some distraction too.

Anyway, I'm mostly updating because One must update or risk getting into that thing where a whole month goes by without updating and everyone thinks you're dead (NB: This has never actually happened to me.)

Today, flippyfrog and I are having an outing, probably involving Classy Coffee in some way. She said she'd probably be in town about 10:00, but lo and behold at 10, I spotted her on Obernet. So I PMed her a stern Ahem. The she dissapeared, so I can only hope she's gone off to catch her bus. We rather desperately need Classy Coffee, as I am sick and hate uni, while her house is freezing and there's a mouse haunting her. Only team work, yuppie drinks and talking total nonsense in the presence of strangers can alleviate these difficulties.

I have been looking through the Uni Magazine, spotting spelling errors. *shakes head sadly* Shame! Shame! And I checked the staff list and they don't have someone for copy-editing. Isn't that interesting?

All: No.

Alright then, let me explain it this way. Absorb please, the following three pieces of information.

1. The Uni magazine has many spelling and grammatical errors.
2. They have no copy-editor.
3. The Kaytinator needs a copy-editing job on her resume.

Can we all see how 1+2+3=Mutually Convenient? I guess the best thing to do is to go to their office and point out facts 1, 2 and 3, possibly in an aggressive manner. I've circled all the spelling and grammar errors I spotted, so perhaps I can just show them how pedantic I am, and request a job copy-editing. It's not like I even want to be paid, I just want the line on my resume.

Hmmm... I've just observed flippyfrog on Obernet again. Shame! Shame!

All: Will you stop calling "Shame!"? You sound like Question Time in the House of Representatives.


Well, that's all I have to say for today, and if I continue, I will no doubt bore you senseless with my self-involved ranting.

All: Oh, you've already managed to do that...

Bite me! Well, pip pip and all that, hey what old... hey? Hello! I say, old beans...

All: *snores*


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Jul. 21st, 2005 01:43 am (UTC)
One must update or risk getting into that thing where a whole month goes by without updating and everyone thinks you're dead (NB: This has never actually happened to me.)

Only because we spot you at Ober.net or on msn and know that you're not dead. ;)

May your cold go away soon and may Flit meet you for coffee and may your history lecturer never traumatise you with a new shirt ever again.

Writing, you say? Sounds like a good idea.
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